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Success stories

Find out how our customers have been using DatabeatOMNI.

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David-Andersen syncs their e-commerce with digital signage

The customer journey has changed. The retail industry has various challenges for the future, and if retail companies don't start to utilise new tools and improve the customer experience, many companies will have a tough road ahead.

By Cecilie Rubach

Cutters Hairdressers Innovate with DatabeatOMNI

While getting a hair cut at Cutters, you won't just be seeing your reflection. Behind the mirrors are monitors with entertaining the customer with content that's been published in DatabeatOMNI.

By Cecilie Rubach

GANT goes from printed posters to digital signage with DatabeatOMNI

GANT has chosen DatabeatOMNI as their digital signage solution and now they have implemented digital screens in almost all of their stores. GANT is aligning their digital signage with their current marketing strategy so that the customers have continuity in their customer journey.

By Cecilie Rubach

How Canal Digital uses DatabeatOMNI

After performing a survey of their resellers, Canal Digital Satellite discovered that print-based promotional materials were not working for them at all.

By Ilir Sabriu

How digital displays transformed MIX Skøyen

Owner and general manager of the MIX convenience store in Skøyen station, Lasse Larsen, is setting a new trend. He's installed eleven digital displays, all powered by DatabeatOMNI, across his entire store.

By Ilir Sabriu
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