Digital Signage for Restaurants

Digital menus bring your products to life, helping you to sell more.

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Show your menu

Customers are influenced by appetizing food images and lively videos of food. Use Databeat Signage to influence your customers to make additional purchases. 


Targeted advertising

Place a screen strategically in places where your customers see and notice. This way, you can increase and influence the decision to make additional sales. 


Customize and plan

Create tailored campaigns to increase audience engagement. Display breakfast, lunch or dinner menus at the right time of day and schedule your content. 

Digital menu boards


With the help of Databeat Signage, you can display menus in a more dynamic and engaging way than traditional paper versions. Show pictures of the dishes, information about the ingredients and prices. Döner Bros, The Smoothie Factory and Lille Marmaris are using Databeat Signage provided by our partner, isiScreen.


Highlight your brand


Mix Skøyen has 11 info screens that use Databeat Signage. Some might think that's too many screens, but Mix has found the right balance. You'll find a good mix of indoor screens in different sizes, as well as a window screen that attract customers by showing advertisements, campaigns, and offers. 


Success story: Frich

A-Customercase-Frich`s-Omnidesign (1)

Now we can create our most popular popular menus and share it around all our locations. One of the main reasons why we have chosen DatabeatOMNI is that many more people in the organisation can work on content and publishing.

Roar Øien

Chain Director, Frich

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