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Are you struggling to find available meeting rooms at work?

Do you find it challenging to keep track of and find available resources such as meeting rooms, employees or company cars? Unfortunately, these are common problems in everyday working life. That is why we have developed a dedicated Booking Hub to help solve these challenges.

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Effective Resource Booking: A solution for your everyday working life

Databeat Booking Hub acts as your personal assistant in the office, giving you instant access to an overview of available meeting rooms, employees, company cars and more. And the best of all? You can easily and quickly book a meeting room or resource directly from the screen, just as you would with a regular digital door sign. With Databeat Booking Hub, efficiency and productivity become an integral part of your working environment.


Get a clear overview of which resources are available, select the desired resource and book directly


Scan the QR code to open the booking page on your mobile. Pro tip: Save the page as a bookmark directly on your phone!

Less hardware

Reduce the number of hardware devices. Less hardware = less to administrate. One screen is sufficient to display and book resources.


Book the desired resource (meeting room, equipment or people) from 15 to 90-minute intervals directly from the screen.

Calendar integration

Booking Hub is integrated with Microsoft 365. Bookings are instantly synchronized with your calendar system.

Design and customization

Customize the display with your logo, font and colors, as well as how you want to set up your template.

How to use Databeat Booking Hub

Step 1 | Select resource

Booking Hub1

Choose from available resources, whether it is meeting rooms, the company car or people.

Step 2 | Select duration

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Choose duration from 15 to 90 minutes.

Step 3 | Done!

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Start using the resource that you have booked.

Databeat Booking Hub on T22

Booking Hub + T22 = Perfect match

The Booking Hub, together with our 22-inch touch screen on a stand, is well suited for placement in reception or as a central booking station to manage and book resources.


  • Avoid separate digital panels for each resource
  • 2-in-1 solution with an overview and options for booking
  • Simple and stylish design
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The history of Booking Hub

"When we moved into our new office and had to wait to set up screens until the window film was in place outside the meeting rooms, we improvised with large touch screens used as door signs. This gave us the idea of ​​Databeat Booking Hub. We have often heard that people want touch screens and an affordable starter solution since it is not always feasible to buy many screens, one for each room. Booking Hub was created from our own need for a simple, cost-effective solution to easily book and display the status of rooms and resources ."

- Marius Borgersrud
Product Director, Databeat

Yes, you can display various types of resources, including office desks in the communal landscape, company cars, electric bicycles or the Squash hall. You decide the resources yourself in your own Microsoft 365.



We offer a number of standard templates that you can use. If you want more customization according to your needs, you can code your own template or order from us. We can change colors, layouts, fonts, size of modules and much more!

You don't have to use a screen, but Databeat Booking Hub works very well with a touch screen. Please contact us if you have any questions about hardware compatibility.


There are several office buildings that share common resources, such as meeting rooms. Since the various tenants do not share the same calendar and domain, it is challenging to book shared resources from your calendar.

Booking Hub can help solve this, or alternatively our other solution, Databeat Booking, can be a better option. Databeat Booking is a multi-tenant solution, which you can read more about here.


Databeat Booking Hub is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Outlook/Exchange.




Are you interested in Databeat Booking Hub

Do you also want a simple solution for overview and booking of resources?

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You can also read more about Databeat Booking Hub in our Knowledge base