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Databeat Doorsign

Meeting Room Signage

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Cost-effective With a fixed price per unit, Doorsign is simply priced to provide immediate value.
Fully customisable Add personalised images and videos to create branded door signage in a matter of clicks.
Updates in real-time Doorsign syncs to your calendar automatically, allowing you to manage room bookings on the go.

What is Doorsign?

Doorsign is a cost-effective and simple solution that provides digital signage for meeting rooms, employee offices, and resource allocation.

Doorsign integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Server, and G-Suite Calendar to automatically display the latest information — meaning you’ll never double-book a room again.

Fully customisable, Doorsign allows you to insert background images, graphics, and videos of your choice to ensure your signs perfectly complement your office theme — enhancing your brand identity both internally and externally.

Easy to use Doorsign is simple to use without needing specialist training.
Multiple integrations Doorsign integrates with your Calendar — so you'll never double-book a room again.
Quick set-up Doorsign is easy to set up with no need for expert installation.

How Databeat Doorsign works


How Our Customers are Using Doorsign

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This is a dream scenario for us at Oslo Congress Center. Now we can enter the event and meetings information into DatabeatOMNI. We can schedule when and where the meeting or event will be in the conference center, with DatabeatOMNI there are many possibilities.

Clara Moberg

Conference Coordinator

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How to get started

Step 1 | Sync with calendar

Connect DatabeatOMNI to Microsoft Office 365, allowing Doorsign to access your company calendar for seamless room booking updates in real-time.

Step 2 | Register employees and resources

Register a selection of employees/resources and assign door signs to them, encouraging accountability and collaboration across your team.

Step 3 | Preview and customise

Review your screen preview and customise as you wish — this can be as simple as uploading a single background image. However, you also have the freedom to create a full channel of images or videos for your meeting room signage.

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