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Databeat Doorsign

Probably the market's most flexible digital door signs. Connects with Office 365 account.

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The problem and solution 

The battle for the meeting room is a known issue for companies and employees. "Why is the meeting room double booked? When will the large meeting room be available? Why is the meeting room booked and where is everybody?!"

The solution is simple. All resources such as meeting rooms, company cars and etc are linked with organizations Microsoft Office 365 exchange calendar. DATABEATdoorsign is developed for and with Microsoft 365 technology, and is automatically populated with information directly from resource catalogs.

On the touchscreen, you can book, reserve, cancel or search for available rooms. With the overview feature, you have the possibility to get the status and availability of the meeting rooms and resources. The visibility of the display is increased with the LED light around the screen – and can be seen from a distance or a sharp angle. DATABEATdoorsign has a red light meaning booked or occupied, and green which indicates that the meeting room or resource is available.

What makes DATABEATdoorsign unique?

We have worked closely with customers and partners to develop DATABEATdoorsign. Further, we have integrated the solution with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange. Once a user's needs are understood, solution proposals prepared, programming and testing are completed - the update is automatically installed on all our customers' screens.

Continue to read more about how the solution works in practice or book a demo, and we will give you a walkthrough of the application.
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DATABEATdoorsign models

Why is Databeat different?

Databeat is a Norwegian company that has worked with IT and media technology for over 30 years. Since 2006, we have provided solutions for digital signage and media solutions to hundreds of customers – both large and small enterprises throughout northern Europe. Our focus is to develop a cost-effective, smart and simple software for publishing and distribution of content to all types of screens, large and small. An important factor to our strategy is integrations and interactions with modern web technologies with a significant focus on Microsoft 365. We work directly with the most important and largest manufacturers of displays and monitors with built-in media players; Samsung, LG, Philips, and Sony. We are also increasingly developing an adaptation for mobile platforms like IOS and Android.

We develop and sell solutions based on our cloud-based publishing platform DatabeatOMNI for the past 15 years in close collaboration with customers and partners.
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Frequently asked questions about DATABEATdoorsign


Is DATABEATdoorsign only used for meeting rooms?

DATABEATdoorsign is not limited to only meeting rooms, but also all types of resources such as office desks in the open workspaces, the company car, bicycles, etc. Even employees can have their own door sign with updated status.


Can I show a resource overview or wayfinding signage?

If your company has several meeting rooms or resources, it would be beneficial for each resource to have its own dedicated display. Our customers often use DATABEATdoorsign alongside our other solutions such as digital signage for general use or wayfinding. 


Can we determine the look and design?

Yes, you can design your own custom Doorsign. The templates are combined with your own images, graphics, or videos for further customization. You can schedule the content, for example, have different meeting room signs on Monday morning and Friday afternoon.


Are the screens available in several sizes and colors?

DATABEATdoorsign can be delivered in different sizes, as well as black or white ones.


Can you use your own ID or access card?

DATABEATdoorsign "plus" monitors have an RFID / NFC reader. This feature makes it possible to demand a valid card from the users, to get access to the buttons on the screen. The "CardID" can be linked to the various employees' user accounts which are stored in the company's Microsoft 365 account. Card solutions have different systems and logic, and will therefore require some special adaptation to integrate this.


Does DATABEATdoorsign support multi-tenant booking?

Commercial real estate companies rent out offices alongside meeting rooms and common areas. If the building has many companies as tenants, coordinating shared meeting rooms and resources is hard. Real estate companies often have little to no solutions in place, and booking is arranged by phone or email. DATABEATbooking is an extended version of DATABEATdoorsign that enables users from different companies to book resources.

You can quickly set up your own booking webpage, where users can easily book meeting rooms and resources. DATABEATbooking allows you to set user privileges and options, such as access permit, resource availability hours, and customize designs with desired images, logo, and colors.


What if the meeting room is busy? Can I search for other vacant meeting rooms?

You can book meeting rooms or resources directly on the touchscreen. If the room or resource is unavailable, you can search for vacant rooms at the current location or on another floor. If you find one, you can book it immediately on the screen, and the status of the resource will change from vacant to busy in the Office 365 calendar. With this feature, there is no need to run over to the other meeting room to book it.


How much does DATABEATdoorsign cost? What is needed from us?

Satisfied customers are happy customers. They know what they want and know what the price is. The solution must solve their problem, have useful features, and be cost-effective. All our products, including Doorsign, Booking, and Signage, are administered via our cloud-based, single user interface platform DatabeatOMNI.

The solution is simple to use and signing up for a demo account is free and requires no credit card. You can order free demo licenses and connect them to your public displays by visiting our platform, DatabeatOMNI. We also provide free online training through our "Databeat Academy" video series, knowledge base articles with both how-to-guides as well as technical documentation.

How DATABEATdoorsign works

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How Our Customers are Using DATABEATdoorsign


This is a dream scenario for us at Oslo Congress Center. Now we can enter the event and meetings information into DatabeatOMNI. We can schedule when and where the meeting or event will be in the conference center, with DatabeatOMNI there are many possibilities.

Clara Moberg

Conference Coordinator

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