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Connects to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account

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The battle of the meeting room


"Do you know if the small meeting room is available? We need to review the marketing plan for 2023". Several companies have an advanced booking process for internal resources, such as meeting rooms.

Misunderstandings can arise when colleagues think they have booked the room, but suddenly the meeting room is already occupied. With Databeat Doorsign you can avoid this.


Get an overview of your resources


With the help of Databeat Doorsign, you can easily create digital door signs that show updated information from your Microsoft 365, Exchange server, or Google Workspace. You can create digital door signs for meeting rooms, employees, company cars, or other shared resources.


The possibilities with DATABEATdoorsign


For a higher level of security, you can ask users to scan their employee card on the touchscreen to access the buttons and see the information on the screen. It is an optional feature.

Check availability

If the meeting room is occupied, you can immediately search for available rooms nearby directly on the touchscreen. Based on this, you can secure a free meeting room without running away to the next meeting room.

Choose your design

Decide the design yourself and what you want to show on your touchscreen. The templates are combined with your content, such as images and videos. In addition, you can decide for yourself how much information should be displayed on your digital door sign.

Drop-in meetings

You can easily book the desired resource directly on your touchscreen. The touchscreen and the calendar will change immediately to "busy"

Multiple resources

It is not just meeting rooms that you can book. You can decide for yourself which type of resource can be booked, either with or without RFID/NFC. Everything from meeting rooms and the squash court to employees and company cars.

Calendar integration

Databeat Doorsign is integrated with various calendar systems. We support Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Google Workspace.

Databeat Overview


Get a comprehensive overview of your resources on an info screen. You can also combine the Overview content with other types of messages that you want to display, everything from KPIs to the lunch menu.


Veivisningsskilt - Doorsign-avrundet

In the case of several resources, we recommend setting up dedicated information screens for employees and visitors. Based on this, they get an overview of common areas as well as directions to the desired resource.

Databeat Booking testbild

Which screen is best for your company?






Only the Plus model

16 GB







Only the Plus model

16 GB








8 GB








8 GB








8 GB

Search for more information about our touchscreens in our knowledge base.

How our customers are using DATABEATdoorsign

Oslo kongress senter bruker doorsign

This is a dream scenario for us at Oslo Congress Center. Now we can enter the event and meetings information into DatabeatOMNI. We can schedule when and where the meeting or event will be in the conference center, with DatabeatOMNI there are many possibilities.

Clara Moberg

Conference Coordinator

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Yes, you can display different types of resources, including office desks in the communal landscape, company cars, electric bicycles, or the Squash hall. Employees can also have their digital door sign with updated calendar status. The resources are taken from the company's calendar system.




We offer several standard templates that you can use. If you want custom templates according to your needs, you can code your template or order it from us. With the templates, you can use images and videos that you can schedule yourself based on days of the week or times.

Yes! As explained in the table above, there are different sizes and models. You can also get the Databeat DS screens in a plus model, which supports RFID/NFC. In addition, you can choose between a black and white screen.


With Databeat DS Plus and Qbic TD0350, you can use an RFID/NFC reader. You can then require users to scan a valid employee card on the touch screen to access functions and information. The card can be linked to the various employees' user accounts that are in the company's Microsoft 365 account. Card solutions have different IDs and logic. It will therefore require special adaptation to integrate this.



You can find prices for Databeat Doorsign here.

Contact us for more information. We also have several Knowledge base articles that explain what Databeat Doorsign is and how it works. Click here to read more. In addition, we offer a Doorsign Workshop, where we help you get started and set up the solution.

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. With the help of PoE, your touchscreen can receive power together with data over an Ethernet cable so that you do not need a separate power cable.

Several office buildings share common resources, such as meeting rooms. Since the various tenants do not share the same calendar and domain, it is challenging to book shared resources from your calendar. On this basis, we have developed Databeat Booking, which is a "Multi-tenant" booking solution integrated with Microsoft 365. Read more about Databeat Booking here.

booking system


You can book a free meeting room directly on the DATABEATdoorsign touchscreen. If the meeting room is busy, you can immediately search for available rooms nearby, or among all available meeting rooms, for example on another floor. If you find a free meeting room, you book it directly from the touchscreen and the status changes immediately in the Microsoft 365 calendar.



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