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What hardware does DatabeatOMNI support?

DatabeatOMNI is a publishing platform that is supported by a wide range of hardware. To play the content you have published in DatabeatOMNI on a smart display or on an external media player connected to a display, you will need the OMNIplay app installed on the hardware of your choice.

The OMNIplay app is the binding between you and your audience looking at the display - giving you the possibility to play your content when and where you want it to. It also reports status back to you, ensuring that you are always in control.

Databeat OMNIplay3 V7-1-1

What to buy?

If you need advice on buying new displays or hardware you can contact us here. If you already have a display, but it does not have a media player or support the OMNIplay app, we recommend one of our external media players.

Most DatabeatOMNI users have chosen a professional display from Samsung, LG, or Philips, all with a built-in media player that supports the OMNIplay app.

OMNIplay can be installed on

Internal media players

Integrated System-on-Chip (SoC)




LG webOS

WebOS 6.0
WebOS 4.0

WebOS 3.2
WebOS 2.0


Android 8 or newer

Android 4.4


Android 8 or newer

Android 4.4


Android 8 or newer

Android 7


Android 8 or newer

Android 8

External media players

Device connected to a display

Windows 10 logo 600x280

Recommended | 11, 11 Pro, 11 IoT
Minimum* | 10, 8, 7

Android logo 600x280

Recommended | Android 7.1 or newer
Minimum* | Android 6, 5, 4.4

Recommended platforms are optimal for full use of DatabeatOMNI. Please contact your partner or us directly if you have questions on hardware compability.
*Minimum requirements are still compatible with OMNIplay, but are older platforms lacking performance and compatibility to use with the newer functionality in DatabeatOMNI. Platforms may lack support for your high-resolution media files, certain web site technologies, WebSocket, PowerBI etc.

External Media Players

With an external player, you can use your existing screens, even if they are not listed in the overview above, and still enjoy all features and functions in DatabeatOMNI. We are offering two different models, depending of your need.

Databeat OMNIplay3 V7-1


OMNIplay3 V7

A powerful player for all kind of Signage, including webpages and Power BI

Android 11

4K @ 30Hz

32 GB

Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Databeat OMNIplay4



Our most powerful player, used for LED-displays and heavy content

Android 9

4K @ 60Hz

32 GB

Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Other Hardware

To facilitate a seamless start with digital signage, we provide our own hardware options for your convenience. We have developed products tailored for both conventional digital signage and digital meeting room signs
T22 1000

T22 - Touch display

Introducing the T22: an interactive display designed to elevate digital signage in retail stores and corporate lobbies as a few examples. Its freestanding design ensures easy installation in high-traffic areas for maximum impact.

Pairing seamlessly with DatabeatOMNI, the T22 simplifies the display of interactive content like websites. Easily upload and schedule your content on DatabeatOMNI, link it to the T22 with a DatabeatOMNI license key, and enjoy a hassle-free, user-friendly showcase of your interactive content.

  • Display websites and interactive content
  • Screen Saver-function 
  • Floor Stand included

Explore our related article for more information!

Learn more about T22
Digital meeting room display

DS10 - Meeting room display

With the DatabeatOMNI application and our Doorsign Hardware, you can easily get an overview of your resources. Create digital door signs that show updated information from your Microsoft 365, Exchange server, or Google Workspace. You can create digital door signs for meeting rooms, employees, company cars, or other shared resources.

  • Make bookings directly on screen
  • Customize template and background
  • Integrated with your calendar

Learn more about Doorsign Hardware


Looking for both hardware and software?

If you’re looking to get the complete package with both the DatabeatOMNI software as well as displays, we can help you. Book a meeting with us and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs.

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