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Are you struggling to communicate with your target audience?

Expanding businesses face communication challenges, including disseminating more information to a wider audience which can be complex and expensive. Databeat Signage provides a simple and cost-effective solution to overcome these obstacles.

Reach your target audience with ease by displaying content on a screen using Databeat Signage. From KPIs and ads to internal news and information, simply publish your desired content with a few keystrokes to one or several information screens.


Easily publish content on your screen

Databeat Signage is a cloud-based solution that enables you to publish content from anywhere, at any time. All you need is an account in DatabeatOMNI, a screen with the OMNIplay app installed, and a license key.

You choose what you want to display on the screen, whether it's images, videos, or web pages. It's free to try our solution. You only pay when you're ready to publish content on the screen. This is done through a license key that you receive from us.

The possibilities with DATABEATsignage

Create Channels and playlists

Creating multiple channels and playlists with a variety of content, including images, videos, web pages, and widgets, is effortless with Databeat Signage. Additionally, you can share playlists to avoid duplicating content.

Schedule content

Customize the display of your content on the screen by choosing when, where, and how it's presented. Schedule specific content for particular days, times, and periods, and even tailor it based on weather conditions.


Easily monitor multiple screens in different locations using OMNIcontrol. With this tool, you can access a direct screen image, restart the device and app, check network status, and even monitor screen temperature.


Manage multiple users and their roles with ease by adding them and assigning specific tasks. You can also tag users to limit their access to certain functions, channels, and locations.

Screen Designer & Widgets

Display live information, such as clock, weather, and RSS feeds. You can also showcase important figures using Power BI, display timetables from EnTur, and share social media posts. With over 20 widgets, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Secure login

Securely sign in to DatabeatOMNI publishing platform with your Microsoft 365 or Google credentials.

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Microsoft 365 integrations

Access DatabeatOMNI securely and effortlessly using your Microsoft 365 credentials. Utilizing the power of Microsoft, you can easily retrieve and display calendar data for meeting rooms and resources on your screen, in addition to Power BI dashboards and reports. PowerPoint Publisher

With the DatabeatOMNI plug-in in PowerPoint, you can quickly and easily edit and publish content on your screens directly from PowerPoint application.

powerbiwidget Power BI

Publish reports and dashboards directly from DatabeatOMNI. Through the Power BI widget, you can easily and securely retrieve key figures and publish them on your info screen.

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Use our widgets! Widgets are small programs used to display real-time data. We have over 20 widgets, including clock, weather, RSS feed, E24, VGTV, Power BI, and EnTur.

The widgets can be customized with both size, font, and background color.

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DATABEATsignage licenses

Signage Basic

  • Simplified view
  • One user
  • Unlimited number of channels and media files
  • Publish images and videos
  • Schedule and preview of media files
  • PowerPoint Publisher
  • Widgets: Clock, weather and RSS-feed.

Signage Standard

  • Everything from Basic included
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited channels and media files
  • Publish images, videos and web pages
  • Create playlists
  • Control media files based on the weather
  • Widgets: Text, images, countdown and count up clock and EnTur.

Signage Pro

  • Everything from Standard included
  • Simplified and advanced view
  • OMNIcontrol: Operational status for all your screens
  • Share and follow playlists
  • Extended user access and restriction (Tags)
  • Touch Channels and Screensaver
  • Integration with
  • Calendar and meeting room overview
  • Widgets: E24/VGTV news in video format, Power BI, SoMe, iFrame, Channel-in-Channel, and more. 
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Customer examples

IMG_4810 Stor
IMG_4646 2

Thune on Stortingsgaten uses screens as part of the interior design to showcase product videos and information.

Intersport Storgata creates a great atmosphere and highlights products and the brand through a large video wall.

IMG_4711 Stor
IMG_4858 Stor

Bohus Torggata uses screens in their stores to inform about campaigns, products, and encourage customers to join the customer club.

The entrance to Thune on Stortingsgaten is decorated with a double-sided screen to display content both towards the street level and into the store.

Read more about how our customers use DATABEATsignage


Our primary reason for using DatabeatOMNI is its ability to manage store content in a simple, efficient, and flexible manner. This enables us to upload content from anywhere and at any time, while also scheduling it with a start and end date. For instance, we can use it to promote an upcoming in-store event, campaigns, or January sale.

John Ivar Strand

Content Creator @ Torshov Sport

We always recommend choosing a professional digital signage display instead of a regular consumer TV. We support displays from Samsung and LG, as well as Android-based screens such as Philips. Learn more about which hardware we recommend here, or contact us for advice.

In our world, there are two types of screens: professional digital signage displays and consumer TVs.

Professional digital signage displays have an integrated media player that allows for the installation of our OMNIplay app directly on the screen. A consumer TV does not have the integrated media player, which means that an external player must be used to upload content. Additionally, a professional digital signage display can play up to 24 hours a day, have higher brightness, and can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode.

We recommend that you invest in a professional digital signage display rather than a consumer TV. Please contact us for advice on choosing a display.

We want our customers to use the screens they have already purchased. Therefore, we offer an external Android-based digital signage media player that is dedicated to our solution. With these media players, you can use your existing screens and still take advantage of all the features and functions in Databeat Signage. We have two different media players: OMNIplay3 and OMNIplay4.

To test Databeat Signage, you need to have an account on our publishing platform, DatabeatOMNI. It's free to use our platform and publish content, so you can test it for as long as you want. You only pay when you want to display your content on a screen.

It's also possible to get a free demo license that lasts for 30 days if you want to test Databeat Signage physically on your screen.

No, it is not possible to combine different types of Signage licenses. If you choose one type of license for one of your screens, you must have the same type of license for your remaining screens.

However, you can combine Signage, Doorsign and Booking licenses on your account.

You can find the price for the different licenses here.

We also sell screens, so please contact us if you need professional information screens. Describe your needs, and we will put together an offer for you.

No, it's not possible. A license key is unique and each screen should therefore have its own license key. If you have four screens, you need to have four licenses.

Generally, we support professional digital signage displays from brands such as Samsung, LG, and Philips. Read more here about which operating systems we support.

Are you interested in DATABEATsignage?

Together with our partners, Databeat can provide complete digital signage solutions in the form of software, licenses, screens, and wall mounts. Feel free to try our platform for free or contact us for a demo and pricing.

You can also learn more about DatabeatOMNI and our products in the Knowledge base.