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Simplicity is typically the first victim when customers require cost-effective solutions for complex challenges. Even for successful projects, new complexity is introduced, and the problem is more moved than solved. It is difficult to make things simple. Too often the result is an abundance of ideas, prototypes, sketches, tests, failures, and frustration. To succeed, a dedicated focus is required, as is considerable time and willingness to invest.

Simplicity is subjective. What an expert finds simple is rarely so for everyday users. For Databeat, it is the end-users — not ours — that represent the true goal and our ultimate ambition. Through dialogue and feedback from customers and partners, we find the true foundation for continuous improvement and further development.

Difficult made simple — that's what we deliver and how we succeed.



Meet the team

It started with music...

The story of Databeat is complex, so we have created five short chapters for you to learn more about our history.
Read on to find out more.

Databeat was a pioneer in digital media services as early as the 80's. Founder, Øyvind Andhøy, delivered the system and programmed the music to one of Oslo's hottest night clubs at the time, LIPP, from his PC at home in the outskirts of Oslo.

"A lot of thought was put into the way in which we delivered the music, and I'd like to believe that it contributed to LIPP's success" - Øyvind Andhøy

In the 90's, digital images and video entered the market. The technology was based on a lot of expensive hardware and was inaccessible to most people. This was the downfall of the original Databeat.

Øyvind's passion for delivering high quality affordable technology was more powerful than any expensive hardware though, and he knew that Databeat's journey had only just begun...

In 2005, Øyvind bought the rights to a digital signage software and focused all of his energy on landing a deal with one of Scandinavia's leading retailers in technological solutions. He was successful.

The technological revolution was in full effect and HD-video and flat screens was in high demand. However, access to HD content was still limited and videos often had to be purchased from the US.

"I remember buying the rights to this video showing a colourful hot air balloon in HD. We still use that video every once in a while for nostalgic purposes, although I realize that I'm probably the only one who remembers this." - Øyvind Andhøy

HD-content soon became more accessible and we were able to supply our clients with music videos that were displayed in stores.

Back in 2006, we were still heavily dependent on hardware and large computers with expensive graphic cards. The cost of the software itself was only a fraction of the total cost. However, the technology was rapidly evolving and we learnt a lot during this period.

In 2008, the financial crisis hit. In order to cut costs on cooling, we moved the computers out into the stores. This saved a lot of money, but cabling was still expensive. In 2012 we set up Wi Fi in the stores which reduced the need for cabling and thus cutting costs further.

This period, and the never ending struggle "against" hardware, black boxes and cables left its mark. Everytime we were able to remove one black box or a cable was a success. The battle against hardware was a long one.


In 2014 we were invited by Samsung to develop a software that could be used directly from the screen. It was a no-brainer. Soon we would be able to deliver media systems directly to the screens with nothing but a network connection and electricity.

We developed DatabeatOMNI as a pure web-based cloud service. The goal was clear, but the road ahead turned out to be long and winding. New technology isn't always too compliant.

In the end we succeeded in removing unnecessary and expensive hardware from the mix. Ditch the box was our motto. When a company orders 50 screens, it's obvious that a computer per screen, cabling and 50 dual power outlets drive costs up.

In 2018, we were fully certified by Samsung as one of the very best software companies on their SSSP Tizen platform. Considering how long our journey has been, this is something that we're very proud to have achieved.

"I'd like to think that we are in the forefront when it comes to the ditch the box concept, and we are constantly discovering new things that were previously only possible with advanced and powerful computers." - Øyvind Andhøy

This is a race that we shall continue to lead, using our software, network and database expertise to create advanced solutions. Customers pay less, they get more for their money and it's environmentally friendly.

"I wish we had a picture with all the cables, PCs and gadgets that we left behind, it would really illustrate just how much of an environmental difference our solution makes". - Øyvind Andhøy

Databeat has already had a long and exciting journey, but the journey is far from over. Today we deliver our solutions to hundreds of clients across thousands of screens - now that's music to our ears.

Difficult Made Simple

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

Why choose Databeat?

We believe in innovation, simplicity and transparency. Our solutions should be leading in terms of simplicity, so that our users can spend more time on other tasks. For this reason, we invest a lot of time and money in developing processes, routines, and technology that makes it easier to acquire and get started with our solutions.

We invite everyone who's considering using digital signage to try our solutions for free at their own pace. By registering you will get access to all functions without having to enter credit card information or agreeing to make a purchase.

Our customers do not need a computer in order to display information on screens. Our software supports SmartTV technology from Samsung, LG and Philips. The screens only require internet access and power and can be delivered pre-configured with our software ready for installation, connection and playback in a few minutes.

Simplicity should not neglect flexibility, dynamism and scalability. The software is very flexible and we deliver a number of ready-made and integrated adaptations that you otherwise pay extra for.

Databeat – Difficult Made Simple!


- Øyvind Andhøy, CEO & Founder