Simple pricing.

1 year
3 years

$ 17 /month
3 year subscription

$ 20 /month
3 Year subscription

$ 28 /month
3 year subscription

$ 795
One time fee

$ 17 /month
1 Year subscription
  • Simplified user interface
  • Single user
  • Publish pictures and video
  • Preview content
  • Schedule content
  • PowerPoint Publisher
  • Easy screen management
  • Analogue clock
  • Digital clock
  • RSS feed
  • Weather

$ 20 /month
1 Year subscription
As with:
  • Everything included in OMNI
  • Multiple user
  • Publish websites (URL)
  • Create playblocks
  • Schedule content with playblock
  • Schedule content based on weather
  • Automatic power/-screensaver
  • Advanced screen management
  • Text
  • Picture & graphics
  • Countdown and Count up
  • Entur timetables

$ 28 /month
1 Year subscription
As with:
  • Everything included in OMNI+
  • OMNIcontrol
  • Screen designer
  • Advanced user interface
  • Share and follow playblocks
  • Control user access with tags
  • Create touch channels
  • integration
  • Calendar overview
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Power BI
  • Website
  • Embed code
  • Channel-in-channel* (upcoming)
  • + more

$ 795
One time fee
  • Philips 10" Multi-Touch Display
  • Simplified UX
  • Multiple user
  • Picture / Graphics
  • Video
  • Playblocks
  • Operation and status overview
  • Office 365 Calender
  • Office 365 Login
  • Google Login

Frequently Asked Questions

We have three types of licenses, OMNI, OMNI+, and OMNIpro. The subscription period of the license is 12, 36 or 60 months and is invoiced upfront for the chosen period. The pricing model is one license per screen. As an example, if you are looking to utilize 5x screens for your company, you will need 5x DatabeatOMNI licenses.

You can sign up for a DatabeatOMNI account and test out the solution as much as you want and for as long as you want. If you want to start publishing the content onto a physical screen, then you will have to purchase a license.

You can purchase licenses within DatabeatOMNI, via the OMNIstore or send us a request via this link and we will connect you with a partner in your area.

We have three licenses that you can choose from. OMNI is a great place to start if you are new to digital signage software. It contains a simple interface and the essential functions you need to publish content onto a screen. OMNI+ is great if you need multiple users and have many locations to manage. This is great also if you basically want more control, flexibility, and functionality. OMNIpro is our most preferred license, with OMNIpro you will get the whole package with access to all features. If you are looking for an enterprise solution or you just need help with monitoring and proactive support, contact our sales team and they will help you to tailor the solution for your company.

Yes, you can but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. If you want to use a commercial screen, then you will need to have an external digital signage media player to run DatabeatOMNI. If you possess a professional screen with an internal player, get in touch with us to see if we support the model.

We support the following line of professional displays from brands such as Samsung, LG, Phillips, and Sharp.

Yes, the licenses are renewed automatically. If you wish to cancel your subscription, send an email to

Databeat Doorsign makes it easy to create digital door signage that automatically displays information directly from your Office 365, Exchange server, or G-Suite calendar – perfect for meeting rooms, employee offices, and resource allocation. The price for Doorsign is 745 USD included in the package is a Phillips 10´ multi-touch display and a license.

Yes, you can. Send an email to and we will upgrade/downgrade your license accordingly.

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