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Share information

Effectively communicate with employees by sharing important information. For example, evacuation routes and fire safety, lunch menu, and upcoming events. 

Personal messages

Create a pleasant atmosphere by giving a personal greeting to your employees and visitors. 

Improved resource utilization

Databeat Doorsign assists in efficiently managing meeting room capacity. Reduce the time and resources spent on manual processes for booking and organizing meetings rooms. 





Welcome guests and employees


Inform guests and employees about the location of various departments and publish news for those waiting in the reception area. 

Public Sector info screen reception

Provide important information

Utilize the flexibility of Databeat Signage to inform employees and visitors about important information. This can include fire instructions, lunch menus, weather updates, and EnTur bus/train schedules.

Kantine menu screen


Meeting room signage

Utdanningsforbundet utilizes Databeat Doorsign to book meeting rooms. Each meeting room is equipped with a touchscreen that is connected to a Microsoft 365 resource. This allows them to preform drop-in bookings in addition to booking through Outlook. 


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