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Communicate better

Improve communication with both customers and tenants by keeping them informed with relevant information such as news updates, lunch menues, new properties, and upcoming events. 

Strengthen the brand

Share information about agents, recently sold properties, and highlight the brand's identity to increase visibility and attract attention.

Effective resource management

DatabeatOMNI provides real estate businesses with the opportunity to enchance the handling and organization of various resources, such as meeting rooms, common areas and facilities. 



Floor plans and wayfinding

Wahl Eiendom utilizes Databeat Signage to guide visitors with a display of floor plans, EnTur timetables, and today's weather forecast. This is provided by our partner, BlueTree. 



Efficient marketing

Real estate companies can benefit from using digital signage as an effective way to market themselves, attract attention, and create a positive impression among potential clients.

Utleiemegleren, for instance, has an average of three to four screens placed in the window area of their facades, and with the help of Databeat Signage, they aim to communicate messages to customer groups frequenting the surrounding area. The content is regularly updated and includes animated data files and self-produced commercials. 

Solution provided by our partner, Sharp. 

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Management of shared resources in an office building


Tenants at Sandstuveien 68 in Oslo faced challenges when booking share meeting rooms. Previously, this involved phone calls, emails, and personal visits to the reception. By implementing Databeat Booking, tenants can now easily book meeting rooms through a dedicated website. This has streamlined the booking process and made it convenient for tenants to plan and reserve meeting rooms without any hassle. 
IMG_5148 Watrium

Booking of internal resources


Sem & Johnsen has five meeting rooms available for their employees that can be booked. To ensure an efficient and structured booking prosess, they have invested in Databeat Doorsign. Additionally, they have installed small touchscreens outside each meeting room that display the status and allow drop-in bookings. 


Solution provided by our partner, isiScreen. 





Several real estate agents use posters in their window areas to showcase attractive properties for sale. The problem arises when these posters need to be manually changed every time a property is sold or a new one is listed. By integrating with, businesses can easily and seamlessly display advertisements from Utleiemegleren is one of several companies that have utilized this intergation and reaped the benefits from it.


Read more about the integration here.



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Share information with visitors


Give the reception area an aesthetic upgrade by placing digital signage screens that inform visitors about the occupants of the building. You can also use these screens to share lunch menus with tenants or other important information. 

Watrium reception

Success Story: Watrium

IMG_5146 Watrium

One of the major benefits of implementing Databeat Signage and Databeat Booking is the integration of both solutions into a unified platform: DatabeatOMNI. This grants Watrium the convenience and efficiency of managing their digital signage and booking needs within a single platform


Sandstuveien 68

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