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Increase awareness

By offering advice on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and preventive health to visitors, the institution can enhance its reputation and standing.

Communicate better

Enhance your communication with patients and visitors through a more efficient and engaging approach.

Reduce waiting time

To decrease the perceived waiting time and enhance patient satisfaction, you can entertain and inform visitors during their wait for treatment or consultation. 

Share information while the patients wait


By sharing important information on the info screens while patients and visitors wait for their turn, one can take advantage of the opportunity and make the waiting time more productive. The information displayed can include everything from prices and services to health information and advice. This way, one can reduce the feeling that the waiting time is long.




Capture customer's attention


Window displays are an effective way to entice customers into your store. By showcasing a combination of news, offers, product videos, and inspirational images, you can create a compelling experience that engages and captivates passersby.
Kroppskontrollørene utilize both a window screen and an indoor screen to showcase diverse information. At the FillOX clinic, a two-sided screen exhibits content towards the street level and waiting area. Supplied by our partner, isiScreen.

Internal use of digital signage


Companies can effectively manage their resources using Databeat Doorsign, which provides an efficient way to book meeting rooms and eliminates the confusion of not knowing who booked which meeting room. Volvat is utilizing Databeat Doorsign to specifically overcome these challenges. 



Success story: Volvat Storo

Volvat Edit

Volvat has always been known for delivering high quality services. But it doesn't stop there - Volvat is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve, and that's exactly what they have done with the implementation of Databeat Signage and Databeat Doorsign.

Delivered by isiScreen

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