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David-Andersen syncs their e-commerce with digital signage

The customer journey has changed. The retail industry has various challenges for the future, if retail companies don't start to utilise new tools and improve the customer experience, many companies will have a tough road ahead.

Increased pressure on prices, extended service, greater experience, are often demanded by customers when they want a good deal. The retail industry must follow the trends to meet customer needs. Digital signage is one of the many tools David-Andersen has used in order to create a better interaction with their customers, both online and in stores.

Databeat took the trip to the shopping center CC-Vest to meet the CEO, Finn Martinsen from David-Andersen.

Finn Martinsen has been looking at different digital signage solutions for several years but was not satisfied with the offerings.


Finn says that - "It is important that the screens do not go black and that the software can work at all hours of the day," customers today expect high standards and we must work actively to create an attractive and customer friendly environment. Often customers will experience "a little circus " in the stores. We know that the number of visitors to the store is decreasing. Therefore its important that the physical stores can offer a more improved and unique customer experience.

It was only when he got an insight into DatabeatOMNI that he dared to bet on digital signage.

"The screens help to activate and create a more improved experience in our stores. We use many tools and we were one of the first in Norway to use the scented aromas in the stores to create a better atmosphere. For today, customers want to feel at home in the stores, and also want something to happen, and with the screens, we can create a curiosity - increase the focus on some products and we can use the solution as a bridge builder between our e-commerce store and our brick & mortar stores.

The customers recognize images, videos and other graphic elements that make them feel more comfortable in the store and it creates a curiosity that makes the customer want to know more about our products.

The customers will stop and look at the screens that are elegantly decorated with gold frames and that go in the same style as the interior.

"It's about integrating the display into the interior so that it looks like a picture frame and the expression is aesthetically beautiful - our customers expected to see more than a just simple solution. We also see that the interior design concepts are constantly being upgraded at a higher rate than before, and the lifetime of interior concepts have minimised the advantage of upgrading to new store concepts to increase customer experience.

With digital signage you can make quick changes and change your content whenever you want, loyal customers buy more, buy more often, and they can be our company's most powerful marketers. They are also those who expect a unique shopping experience and high quality because they know our brand. The service in the stores is important, but it is also the quality of what we show off. We have therefore chosen DatabeatOMNI as a preferred solution, to comply with these wishes from our customers, Finn says."

As of today, there are three stores that are using digital signage - there are screens inside the stores, but also out to larger public spaces to communicate outside to the people passing by.


"We want to roll out screens in all stores over time. Currently, this has been a proof of concept. Printing high-quality images on posters, as we have done in the past, is costly - the ongoing operating costs are now used on content for digital signage. We make videos among other things, and now are focusing on creating more engaging and dynamic content.

In addition, our employees give the customer more personalised and greater service.

What started out in the retail industry has evolved into countless industries now utilising technology to display content for their audiences. Colorful images or videos with motion and eye-catching impressions guarantee sales. Studies suggest that digital screen surfaces can increase sales by 49% compared to static advertising.

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Return on investment

Most business executives know that it is return on investment, or ROI, that applies when setting aside money for marketing, but it can be difficult to measure display publishing unless running campaigns. As an example, the target yield can be as simple as measuring an increase in sales of a particular product in the promotional campaigns.

How do you actually measure digital signage?

Use of QR codes on the screen to see the number of buyers may be helpful. Another tried and tested digital signage test method is to include user interaction using a "call-to-action". If the goal of digital signage is to drive more people to your site, you can promote a unique URL to your photos. The number of people accessing your site from this URL gives an indication of the effectiveness of the content on digital signage. You can encourage further participation by offering discount codes or promoting other "giveaways".

Now it is often not metrics like ROI that are the motive behind acquiring screens, but rather creating an attractive and inviting environment that draws the customer to the store. We, humans, are drawn to screens and live images, as it creates curiosity.

Tell your story - create engagement

"Being able to work with vivid images against new and existing customers to increase the visibility of the products and as well bring out the wonderful stories behind how the product is created is something we at David-Andersen are diligently working towards.

We work with short-lived and sustainable products where it is possible to have video of among other things such as a, a goldsmith at Egertorget, a craftsman who creates jewelry. The customers can see the videos on our screens and this is how we give customers a better and unique customer journey and experience. It's not every day you can see the products we want to buy, being handmade. We help to create and control part of the customer journey by providing this exclusive insight into our processes. We must think outside the box and get the customers into the store, with digital signage we are on the right track, " says Finn Martinsen

Time management

With DatabeatOMNI you can control your content, ie display different content at different times and you can decide when the screens should be online. The new displays that are on the market today are intelligent displays, that is, they can transform the image quality into more intense colors, stand in direct sunlight and be active 24 hours a day.

Finn says that the screens that are exhibited towards the public space are live 24/7, and those who are inside the shop are timed so that they are only on during opening hours.

Partner stands for engineering and sales

JohNet is a Databeat partner and has had David-Andersen as a customer in their portfolio for a long time, therefore it was a natural choice that they were chosen as a partner when David-Andersen chose to use DatabeatOMNI as their digital signage solution. Publishing content on the screen with vivid images as a video has become more relevant and especially within retail. The customer is attracted by movement and is used to see digital signage in their customer journey.

Digital signage i butikk

A Databeat partner - Robert Aaslund Langerud from JohNet

"David-Andersen was there when JohNet celebrated their 30th anniversary and they got to experience DatabeatOMNI. They had in their plans for the future to create more excitement in their placement and marketing - and they would optimise their stores but could not find the right solution for them.

"The timing was great for the gathering of customers that we had, where we promoted DatabeatOMNI as the leading digital signage solution, says Robert.

"When we at JohNet showed Finn Martinsen from David-Andersen DatabeatOMNI there was no doubt. Here they could streamline and optimize their messaging and brand.

"We had a workshop with David-Andersen on they could use and exploit all the features that DatabeatOMNI has to offer - even though it is easy to use, we often have to show the customers all the features so that they can get more ideas on how they can utilise DatabeatOMNI and improve their business.


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