Cutters Hairdressers Innovate with DatabeatOMNI

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 2 minutes to read

While getting a hair cut at Cutters, you won't just be seeing your reflection. Behind the mirrors are monitors with entertaining the customer with content that's been published in DatabeatOMNI.

When the founder of Cutters, Andreas Kamøy, discovered DatabeatOMNI, he replaced his existing home made solution with digital signage and integrated monitors into all the mirrors in the salons.

“When I discovered DatabeatOMNI, I replaced the mirror monitors that I had made myself with DatabeatOMNI. The solution works perfectly. I produce content to all monitors and all salons from one computer" says Cutters' founder, Andreas Kamøy.

In 2015 he opened the first salon together with Kristian Solheim with the slogan "cut hair, cut cost, cut time". In 2021 they have more than 100 locations across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Every salon has digital signage integrated into the mirrors.

"Already from the start, we knew we wanted digital signage integrated into the mirrors in our salons. When the customer looks into the mirror, he will also see a monitor. Through the monitor we have a unique possibility to communicate with the customer who is open to receiving information relevant to his visit. This is a possibility we want to utilize wisely by using the right content" continues Kamøy.


Built their own screen solution

At first he tried to create home made mirror monitors. On the train to the airport he discovered a professional signage solution and got in touch with Samsung to get some advice. They forwarded him to Databeat.

The content on all monitors is administered internally. The fact that the software was easy to use was the deciding factor when he chose DatabeatOMNI.

"With just a few clicks, we can publish content on all screens in the order that we want to. We decide what content should be displayed where, when and how in just a matter of minutes" he says.


Testing of different content

Since starting out, they have actively tested which content is best suited for the monitors. They have tried everything from hair products that they sell to information about Cutters. They have used both video and PowerPoint presentations as content, but have always been very careful to ensure that the information doesn't get in the way of the mirror for the hairdresser and client.

"We always put the content on the sides of the display. If the content covers too much of the mirror, it can be distracting, especially for the hairdressers" Kamøy explains.

They also use widgets such as clock, weather and news. Widgets are like mini programs or modules that you can use on top of your content in DatabeatOMNI.

In DatabeatOMNI, we are very proud to have been a part of the fantastic journey that Cutters have been on the past few years and look forward to seeing them continue growing. If you want to explore how you can use digital signage in your company, you're very welcome to get in touch with us.


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