Torshov Sport - a pioneer in the use of digital signage in retail

Edita Khachatrjan
Edita Khachatrjan | 3 minutes to read

Since 2017, Torshov Sport has been a devoted customer of Databeat. During our visit to the Oslo store, we had the opportunity to interview John Ivar Strand, who serves as both a content producer and the responsible party for social media. In addition to his roles, Strand is also in charge of operating and publishing of content to the information screens found throughout the store. 

With a rich heritage of over 80 years in football, running, hockey, and team sales, the sports store stands as a testament to its enduring legacy. Torshov Sport has established itself as not only a prominent football destination but also an immersive experiential center. Continuously staying ahead of the game, it keeps pace with the newest products and cutting-edge campaigns offered by industry-leading suppliers.

The first thing we encountered was a 2x2 video wall, strategically positioned behind an elegant display. The combination of the video wall and the display creates a harmonious balance within the store. 

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What is the purpose of having digital signage in your store?

"The purpose of having digital signage in our store is to showcase campaigns, product updates, launches, and other relevant content. We have noticed that the screens capture the customers' attention. The content is exclusively video-based, alternatively still images in carousel with movement, which allows the products to be presented in a compelling manner," says Strand. 

Continuing our journey, we made our way ip to the second floor, where the renowned football department is located. What immediately caught our attention was a large 3x3 video wall displaying product videos, sales, and campaign visuals. 

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Next, we moved towards the wall of shoes, which offers a wide range of football footwear from various renowned brands. Torshov Sport has strategically placed six standalone screens in portrait format. 

Can you tell us more about the standalone information screens positioned at the shoe wall?

"Our standalone information screens are strategically positioned at our shoe walls to showcase the latest football footwear through videos and images This includes both self-produced content and promotional material by our suppliers," says John Ivar.

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Since 2017, Torshov Sport has been using DatabeatOMNI. John Ivar, could you please share some insights on how Torshov Sport utilizes DatabeatOMNI?

"First and foremost, we utilize DatabeatOMNI because it allows us to manage the content in our store in a simple, efficient, and flexible manner. Content can be uploaded from anywhere in the world at any time and scheduled with start and end dates. For instance, for an upcoming store event, weekend promotion, or January sale. This flexibility enables us to combine various messages at any given time and easily customize content according to our desires and needs."

After several years of collaboration, we are pleased that Torshov Sport trusts us and recommends DatabeatOMNI to other businesses. Strand states, "We confidently recommend DatabeatOMNI to other entities seeking a flexible and cloud-based publishing platform for video and image content."

Thank you to Torshov Sport!

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