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Cecilie Rubach
Read all articles written by Cecilie Rubach Cecilie Rubach got over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer and worked within all types of industries.

Frich's restaurant chain uses digital signage

If you drive along the numerous roads in Norway, we can assure that you will find one of Frich's restaurants or hotels. Frich's have a digital strategy in place where they use digital signage to display information and content to their customers.

By Cecilie Rubach

bRest Looks Delicious Thanks to DatabeatOMNI

bRest, the tasteful canteen in Skøyen Atrium, Oslo, is utilising DatabeatOMNI to tempt customers with its delicious menu and promote the brand.

By Cecilie Rubach

Bademiljø is Building Showrooms of the Future with DatabeatOMNI

The Norwegian plumbing company Bademiljø is preparing for the future. That’s why it's installing digital displays, running DatabeatOMNI, in all 120 Bademiljø stores in Norway.

By Cecilie Rubach

Skintech has chosen DatabeatOMNI

Skintech has partnered with DatabeatOMNI to provide the software for their digital screens in their medical clinics around Norway.

By Cecilie Rubach

Nordstrand IF's new arena is using DatabeatOMNI

Nordstrand IF is one of Norway's largest and oldest athletes’ associations. With around 2000 members, Nordstrand IF has active athletes in football, handball, golf, swimming and triathlon. The new Nordstrand Arena, which plans to open in the summer of 2018, will feature digital displays powered by DatabeatOMNI, delivered by Mediakonsulenten.

By Cecilie Rubach