bRest Looks Delicious Thanks to DatabeatOMNI

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 3 minutes to read

bRest, the tasteful canteen in Skøyen Atrium, Oslo, is utilising DatabeatOMNI to tempt customers with its delicious menu and promote the brand.

bRest, which runs canteens within different corporate offices in Norway, prides itself on serving tasty, nutritious meals to workers because the brand believes that good food means good work. The canteen decided to partner with the best when it comes to screen publishing, choosing DatabeatOMNI to control its digital displays.

We asked bRest CEO, Ivar Villa, what he thought about our easy-to-use screen publishing software and this is what he had to say:

"We simply love DatabeatOMNI. The software works optimally for our needs. We are innovative in everything we do and DatabeatOMNI helps us to be innovative with our digital signage. The platform is brilliant and offers far more possibilities than we could've dreamed of. It's simple, fast, and yes, we're very pleased with the result."

Ivar started the company in 2012 and from the very beginning he knew that everything relating to bRest needed to be of the highest quality – including its digital signage software. bRest has gone from strength to strength since 2012: the company now operates 19 canteens in Eastern Norway, employing over a hundred members of staff.

One of bRest's most popular canteens is located in Skøyen Atrium. This flagship restaurant has two digital displays in house; one is placed strategically in the seating area, informing guests of the tempting specials, and the other is positioned in the serving area.

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Screens Beat Posters

bRest Skøyen's head chef, Vigdis Olsen, believes that the digital displays in use give the canteen added value and thinks they outperform printed posters by far.

“Our guests spend a lot of time in front of our display while they wait in line. Thanks to DatabeatOMNI, we can easily update the menu every day with a few clicks of a mouse. In addition, when there's a large queue, we use this screen to keep our customers up-to-date with news stories and weather forecasts which gives them something to read whilst they're waiting to be seated," says Vigdis.

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bRest Makes Use of DatabeatOMNI PowerPoint Publisher 

The content that is pushed to the displays in the restaurant via DatabeatOMNI is managed by Solveig Brandt who works at the bRest head office. Solveig is responsible for publishing the new menu each day, and she frequently updates the screens with interesting news stories and other information.

She told us of her experience using our software: "It's super easy to operate the program. I'm used to working with PowerPoint, using regular templates for our content. I love the fact that DatabeatOMNI works so well with PowerPoint – it meant there was hardly any learning curve. I can just enter new text, click publish, and send it directly to the screens in the restaurant. It's all done in a couple of minutes. I've been very impressed to say the least!"

The tight integration with well-known programs like PowerPoint makes it extremely simple to start publishing content with DatabeatOMNI. If your organisation has yet to utilise digital display technology – you're missing out on a raft of advantages. For more information on how screen publishing can help increase sales, brand awareness, and much more for your business, why not get in touch and start a conversation? 

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