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Cecilie Rubach
Read all articles written by Cecilie Rubach Cecilie Rubach got over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer and worked within all types of industries.

Norway's most unique sportswear concept store uses digital signage

Sport 1 Snø - promises to deliver snow and temperatures below freezing throughout the year - right outside their stores. With highly competent employees, a selection of the hottest brands on the market, and a great ski rental-program and you might just have the coolest store for sporting goods in all of Norway.

By Cecilie Rubach

Insurance company, Fremtind, leading the way within internal communication

Elkjøp Bedrift has, for several years, been a trusted partner of Databeat. They have installed two large LED public display monitors that contribute to giving the insurance company Fremtind a new innovative profile. 

By Cecilie Rubach

Oslo Congress Center with a tailored digital signage solution

The days at Oslo Congress Center are hectic, with a significant number of events and of course a large number of people attending. We see that the process from checking in, booking and wayfinding are much more streamlined with their new digital signage solution, tailored made for Oslo Congress Center. 

By Cecilie Rubach

David-Andersen syncs their e-commerce with digital signage

The customer journey has changed. The retail industry has various challenges for the future, and if retail companies don't start to utilise new tools and improve the customer experience, many companies will have a tough road ahead.

By Cecilie Rubach

Cutters Hairdressers Innovate with DatabeatOMNI

While getting a hair cut at Cutters, you won't just be seeing your reflection. Behind the mirrors are monitors with entertaining the customer with content that's been published in DatabeatOMNI.

By Cecilie Rubach