Why You Need Digital Signage Software

Ilir Sabriu
Ilir Sabriu | 6 minutes to read

To survive in today's fast-paced world, companies need to do two things well:

  • Sell more products and services by engaging their customers.

  • Increase employee productivity by connecting the workplace.

Effective use of digital display solutions can enable companies to achieve these twin goals.


What is Digital Signage Software?

Digital signage software allows businesses to stream content to professional digital displays across multiple locations. Content can include:

  • Advertising

  • Public information

  • Promotional material

  • Social media feeds

  • RSS news feeds

  • Company videos

  • Internal communications

  • Much more...

Modern digital signage is one of the most effective ways to communicate with targeted audiences, with research suggesting that it reaches more viewers than social media posts or Internet ads. A massive 70% of people recall having seen a digital video display in the past month, versus just 43% on the Internet and 41% on Facebook.

Powerful digital display software like DatabeatOMNI enables companies to easily get their messages in front of the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place. These targeted messages can even be updated instantly from anywhere with an internet connection.  


How will Digital Signage Work for External Messaging?

Perhaps you want to showcase promotions and discounts in your retail stores. Or maybe you want to entertain sports fans as they wait in line for their favourite snacks at half-time. Perhaps you want to put your patient's minds at ease in medical practice waiting rooms or hospitals. Whatever message you want to share, digital displays can deliver it to your target audience quickly and effectively. So, what are the benefits of using digital signage to connect with customers?

Encourage Engagement With Your Brand 

Research has proven time and time again that customers engage more with dynamic digital displays than archaic, static signage. And, because they're connected to the cloud, these displays can change in real-time based on customer engagement.

For example, digital displays which showcase social media feeds enable fans to share their enthusiasm for your brand with others. A Toyota dealership experimented with implementing social media feeds across their digital signage and saw a 14% increase in Twitter followers, a 33% increase in Yelp reviews, and a 65% increase in Instagram posts within just 60 days. Consumers enjoy sharing their passion for brand's they love and companies that reciprocate this passion by featuring it on their digital signage will clearly feel the benefit. 

Share Consistent Marketing Messages 

Digital signage, backed up by great software, is particularly useful when it comes to delivering consistent messaging. If your business relies on franchise stores or resellers, you'll understand the frustration surrounding the process of sending out physical marketing materials and ensuring they are displayed correctly and on time.

With digital displays, this problem is completely eradicated. Your marketing team will have the power to create and then deploy content and promotional materials across hundreds of different locations in just a few clicks.

Read more about using DatabeatOMNI in reseller stores: How Canal Digital uses DatabeatOMNI

Improve Customer Experience

Taking advantage of digital display technology can improve customer's experience of your business in a multitude of ways. Imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing a timely update on a digital display, informing you that there's a two for one offer on main courses that evening. Or imagine browsing in a busy tech shop where all the employees are too busy to explain a product to you – an interactive digital sign could provide you with all the info you need.

Investing in ways to improve your customer experience is really important, with 75% of companies in 2016 saying that improving customer service was their number one priority. After all, as Mercedes Benz CEO, Steve Cannon, said, "Customer experience is the new marketing."

The number of ways digital signage solutions can help improve your customer experience, encourage a deeper level of brand engagement, and ensure your business is projecting a consistent brand message is practically limitless.  

How will Digital Signage Work for Internal Messaging?

The purpose of digital signage is not solely to communicate with the public. It can also play a really important role when it comes to communicating with your business internally. Digital displays can keep your employees on the same page, encourage continued development and training, and connect them to your companies culture.

Increase Employee Productivity

Employees are far more productive when they are tuned into a company’s mission and goals. But with research finding that only 13% of employees visit their intranet daily – with 31% stating that they never do – it can be difficult to make sure every single member of your team is aware of your goals and the road map to achieving them.

However, digital displays in the workplace can be a very powerful tool for connecting employees, especially across multiple locations. Besides that, the McKinsey Global Institute found that productivity improves by 20-25% in organisations with closely connected employees. Utilising digital display technology not only improves your employees' work life, but it can also have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Connect Employees with Company Culture

If you are a franchiser or a company with multiple locations, ensuring consistent internal messaging can be a very productive use of digital displays as this helps to develop your company culture. Your business's culture can also be improved by encouraging employees to share their own user-generated content via your digital signage. This can help employees feel more a part of your enterprise's internal communications.

Provide Ongoing Training and Encouragement

Your digital displays can be harnessed to provide ongoing training and encouragement for your employees, too. 

For example, instead of worrying about the fact that your workers haven't read the latest health and safety memo you emailed them, you can simply display this information on your digital signage in the places where they are going to read it.

Additionally, using digital displays to recognise your company's achievements can truly motivate future performances. You could showcase an employee of the week, for example, as this could really encourage your workers to up their game as well as celebrate their co-worker's successes.


What are the Benefits of Digital Signage Compared to Traditional Signage?

There are many benefits of upgrading from traditional signage to digital signage:

  • Cost-effective

    Unlike traditional signage, you can easily change and update your digital content at no additional cost.

  • Efficient

    Being able to update your display’s content with the click of a button is both easy and time-saving.

  • Engaging

    Digital display software enhances your customer's experience of your brand via dynamic content like videos, graphics, and more.

  • Informative

    Digital signage is an easy way to inform people with fresh, relevant content. Whether your a company using digital displays for internal communications or a business using the tech for external communications with customers.

  • Advertising platform

    Digital displays provide a highly effective medium for advertising and up-selling.

  • Branding

    By harnessing digital signage, you can bring elements of the web, like social media, into the physical world as well as ensuring your branding is consistent across multiple locations.


How Easy is it To Get Started with Digital Signage?

If you have TVs or large screens in your locations, you’re almost ready to go.

There are a few more steps to getting up and running, but it couldn't be easier. Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist you in getting your digital signage campaign up and running.

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