What You Should Know About Digital Displays in Entrances

Joel Joelsen
Joel Joelsen | 3 minutes to read

Digital signage has become increasingly popular to use in entrances of apartment buildings and reception areas. But what should you think about before investing in digital signage for entrances? Read on to find out.

What is a digital information display?

Digital displays, often referred to as digital information displays, are monitors displaying selected pieces of information or content. The content differs depending on the area of usage. In terms of entrances, it's common to use digital displays in the reception of an office building, but it has also become increasingly popular to use digital displays to communicate important information to tenants in apartment buildings.


Digital displays in office buildings

When guests enter a modern office building, they have come to expect to be greeted with a sign showing them where to go. Depending on the complexity of the building, this can either mean wayfinding or a list of companies in the building. When displays are used for this purpose, you have a perfect opportunity to give the guest a little more information. This could either be displaying the local weather forecast, temperatures or the date and time. It might even be a marketing opportunity for services that are located in the building.

Digital displays in office buildings are also frequently used to convey relevant news and information to employees and visitors. This became very useful in 2020, when many office buildings needed to communicate health and safety protocols.


Digital displays in apartment buildings

Analog bulletin boards have been around for a long time, and they certainly have their benefits. But when a bulletin board is full of posters to various events that took place months or years ago, it no longer serves its purpose. It's also easy to miss out on important information posted on bulletin boards as every note competes for attention. How many times have you passed by the bulletin board in your apartment building without even realizing that it's there? Perhaps this is why many building owners are now installing digital displays in their apartment buildings.

With a digital display in the entrance, important information can be shared in an organized manner, that guarantees that the message gets maximum exposure. Are you having a fire drill? Will you be doing routine inspections on the apartments? Do you need to remind tenants not to store personal belongings in shared spaces? All of this can easily be communicated with digital signage.


Important information when choosing solution

As the display will most likely be on for several hours each day, you should choose a professional display that has been produced for this specific purpose (read more about recommended hardware here). The display should also be mounted with a cabinet to protect it from shocks and prevent it from being stolen. If the building does not have a wired or wireless network where the display is to be installed, you can use a mobile 4G router to communicate to the display.

When choosing your digital signage software, you should ask yourself a couple of questions;

  • Is the software user friendly enough for you to be able to update the content on your own?
  • Is the software cloud based so that you can update the content from your home / office?
  • Is the software reasonably priced and is the pricing clear or could there be hidden fees?
  • Does the software support internal media players in smart signage displays or do you have to buy an external media player?
  • Does the software support widgets that allow for you to show, date, time, weather, etc.?

There are certainly more aspects to factor in, but these should be key in your decision making to ensure that you have a positive experience when investing in digital displays.



Regardless of whether you want to use digital displays in apartment buildings or office buildings, you can basically choose any digital signage solution that you wish. Just make sure that it covers your needs. Databeat has developed a solution for digital signage that's optimal for usage in entrances. Feel free to register an account today and see for yourself if this could be the right solution for your needs.

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