5 Reasons Digital Signage is the Future of Internal Communications

Ilir Sabriu
Ilir Sabriu | 4 minutes to read

Much has been written about how digital signage can be used in customer-facing settings like restaurants and retail stores, but the technology is also an excellent platform for internal communications. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. It Keeps Your Workforce on the Same Page

Keeping your staff up-to-date with company developments and team goals is an important element of any well-functioning business. Traditionally, companies have relied on group emails or some form of intranet system for these kinds of employee notices.

However, research has found that less than 13% of workers check their intranet once a day and a whopping 33% admit they never bother. Emails don't fare much better, with a survey by APPrise finding that 30% ignore internal emails altogether. It's clear the use of intranet and email is not effective at keeping your staff well informed!

Digital signage, on the other hand, is a great way of keeping your staff in the know because it requires no effort on their part. Whether you install your screens in the canteen, break area, or the office, digital signage can be wherever your employees are. They'll naturally want to check out your displays – and digest your updates – while the coffee's brewing or they're riding the elevator.

Employees on the same page, working towards common goals are going to be far more productive and engaged with their work – digital signage makes this far easier to achieve.


2. It Keeps Your Teams Connected

For large companies with multiple offices in various locations, maintaining a sense of unity between disparate teams can be difficult. 

Ensuring your staff feel part of a cohesive whole is important, and not only for employee satisfaction. Studies have found that productivity leaps 25% when staff members feel well connected.

Deploying synchronised digital signage across your office locations could hold the key to establishing this closely-knit company culture. Why not spotlight a member of staff who's achieved something awesome? Or perhaps promote team-building events and work nights out.

You can also customise content to each department. For example, you could encourage friendly competition between your sales team by displaying up-to-the-minute sales league tables. For marketing departments, exhibit live social media feeds and statistics.

Whatever you choose to show on your screens, digital signage is a truly smart way of bringing your workforce together and promoting a more friendly, connected company culture.


3. It Saves Time and Money

One of the most useful benefits of digital signage over its static counterpart is its simplicity. Designing, printing, delivering, and then posting physical flyers and posters around your workplace is an arduous and costly way of communicating with your team.

Thankfully, digital signage, partnered with the right software, allows you to update all screens across your business instantly in just a few clicks – without costing you a penny.

This immediacy of delivery is particularly advantageous when you have business-critical information that needs disseminating quickly, such as during crisis situations or organisational shake-ups.


4. It Makes Room Bookings More Visible

If you're hovering outside a meeting room and need to know when it will be free, or perhaps what the meeting's about, you have a few options. If you're feeling brave, you can either walk in and interrupt the meeting or try and navigate an application such as Outlook Calendar on your smartphone. If you're feeling energetic, you can walk back to your desk and check the shared booking system. None of these options are ideal or provide an easy, immediate answer.

However, with digital door signs, it's easy to always know who's booked in where at what time. The best door sign solutions will sync automatically with your Google or Office 365 calendar to make this process even more hassle-free – for your team and visiting clients.


5. It Encourages Personalization

Digital displays are the perfect medium for adding some personal touches to your work place. You could encourage staff members to share a "thought of the day", interesting facts about themselves, their holiday snaps, or just highlight the hilarious banter going down in your favorite Slack channel with social feeds.

Making the workplace a more social and personal environment is especially important for attracting millennials to your business, with 71% wanting their co-workers to be like a second family.

Digital signage can be harnessed to give your workforce a voice, and they should be encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and terrible puns with the rest of team on the platform to incubate that second family feeling. 

Digital signage is fast, easy-to-use, and super effective at grabbing your teams' attention. There's little doubt it's the way forward for businesses looking to dramatically improve their internal communications and reap the associated benefits.

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