Schneider Electric uses digital signage for internal-comms

Ilir Sabriu
Ilir Sabriu | 2 minutes to read

As a global leader in energy management, Schneider Norway take advantage of our DatabeatOMNI screen publishing platform to distribute internal communications across multiple offices, simultaneously.

 “DatabeatOMNI is the easiest screen publishing platform to use. I can flexibly produce content whenever it suits me and publish wherever it will have the most impact. I'm very impressed by it.” says Schneider Norway General Manager, Hanna Søberg. Schneider installed screens powered by DatabeatOMNI in five of the company's offices around Oslo.

Henrik Holck-Clausen, vice president at Schneider Electric, told us how he's taking advantage of digital display technology: “Our communication strategy is to allow our digital screens to be supplementary to other communication channels. They let us reiterate our key messages in a fun, engaging way.”

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Internal and External Communication

When you first enter Schneider's HQ in Oslo, you are greeted with a display informing you about company updates, news, and their recently launched Schneider Electric app. As you make your way around the building, you notice how the content displayed on the screens is  targeted towards employees, encouraging them to sign up for social events and attend conferences, as well as keeping them up-to-date with other important messages.

A total of 17 screens have been installed with DatabeatOMNI across 8 different offices to ensure effective delivery of key messages to employees, management, and visitors.

“The DatabeatOMNI screen publishing platform is fast, flexible, and easy to use. We are able to capture the attention of our employees and reach out to more of them than was possible before,” says Holck-Clausen.

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DatabeatOMNI in the Cloud

DatabeatOMNI is a cloud-based solution which allows Schneider Electric to access its features from anywhere. Moreover, by integrating the software with Microsoft apps, employees can create content in DatabeatOMNI PowerPoint publisher and publish their work directly from PowerPoint. Simple!

Schneider Electric have struggled with internal communications in the past – they would send out bulk emails which often went unread. They then discovered that screen publishing is a brilliant tool for handling internal comms. It takes no effort on the part of their employees, all they have to do is see the displays, and as long as the content is engaging it is sure to grab their attention.

Schneider's internal use of DatabeatOMNI is truly inspiring, and it is clear that digital displays are a far more effective solution than the traditional means of engaging with workers. If you want to learn more about how DatabeatOMNI can improve your employee engagement, why not say hello?

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