Insurance company, Fremtind, leading the way within internal communication

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 4 minutes to read

Elkjøp Bedrift has, for several years, been a trusted partner of Databeat. They have installed two large LED public display monitors that contribute to giving the insurance company Fremtind a new innovative profile. 

On 1 January, 2019, insurance companies DNB Forsikring and Sparebank 1 Skadeforsikring merged and launched Fremtind. The aim was to form a modern, forward-looking insurance company where the culture and brand are characterized by three key elements; innovation, sustainability and technology. 


An insurance company for the future

Fremtind's HQ is located in the heart of Norway's capital, Oslo. Part of the merger was to get all of the nearly 1,000 employees within the insurance divisions in one building. The building was to undergo a proper upgrade, and the visual style should reflect the new forward-thinking and innovative culture. The HQ must be modern, creative, and high-tech, which reflects the Fremtind vision. It became a quite comprehensive process involving interior architects and innovative solutions.

"The reception in the building bore the characteristics of that of a bank. Our goal was to get rid of the sensation of being inside a bank. We wanted to illustrate that we are a forward-looking insurance company." Hanne Marte Olset, innovation manager at Fremtind, explains.

The most striking element in the building is the modern reception area with two massive LED screens. One of these installations is located behind the reception, the other on the side, adjacent to the employee cafeteria. Hanne Marte Olset does not hide the fact that they wanted the two large LED screens to make a statement.

"They should be visible from the street. If people passing by can see what's happening inside, that's a good thing. But most importantly, the public displays should be useful for employees and visitors. We want to use technology in our building and make it efficient and innovative" Olset explains.

Great brand awareness opportunities

She admits that a source of inspiration was the digital signage solution in the Salesforce office in San Francisco, which displays animations on a giant LED wall. "The LED screens provided by Samsung needed to have different content at different times of the day. For example, at night time, content had to be more subtle, while during the day we wanted to share information about current topics and how we work here at Fremtind. This could be everything from insurance cases or payments to videos with different themes and more" Olset continues.

Hanne Marte Olset also talks about ideas regarding the visitor system in the reception area, where guests can, for example, see a short animation of the person they will be meeting with. The screen behind the reception desk will also be able to display content that supports Fremtind's profile, without having too much text.

"The visual impression is undeniably striking, and it is clear that the displays have great potential. It is thus crucial that everything functions as intended and that the system is as user-friendly as possible so that we can make changes to media plans or content in an instance."

Easy to set up

"When it comes to operations, we have two companies that we are in contact with. Elkjøp Bedrift is the vendor we work with when it comes to hardware. We have gotten a lot of extra panels, so we can easily replace them with the help of a technician should any issues occur with the monitors.

When it comes to software, Databeat provides the publishing solution, and they have provided us with all the necessary training" Hanne Marte Olset explains.

Plenty of ideas for the future

With that said, publishing itself is very straightforward, as the software works like any other publishing tool. Fremtind has its own editorial staff responsible for video production, animations, images, and content. When the time comes to publish the content - all one needs to do is simply to select the correct "channel" to publish it to.

However, the system consists of more than just the two LED screens at reception. Elkjøp have also provided more traditional displays found in the building's public spaces. There is one such space on each floor, with slightly varying designs and themes. The monitors in these areas show internal information to the employees. It can be information about general meetings, competitions, events, or they can share what other departments are doing or have planned.

From Elkjøp Bedrift, Account Manager Olebjørn Dragerengen has been involved throughout the process, and says the following: "To ensure the quality we have been very dependent on time. We have had to cross and triple-check everything. It was important that the order was delivered correctly on the first attempt. There is a lot of detailed planning, and with such large installations it's important that the designers get the opportunity to work freely. Having great partners was essential to this project. Samsung provided the hardware and Databeat the software and also to mention that AVC did a great job of putting the interior all together. It's has been a great pleasure working together with our partners to deliver this installation for Fremtind."

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