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Digital Signage for Restaurants

Digital menus bring your products to life, helping you to sell more.

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Bring products to life Humans are hard-wired to respond to food imagery. Digital menus bring your products to life, helping you sell more.
Target conversion points Restaurant digital signage can be placed in specific sweet spots that your customers will notice, increasing brand awareness and influencing their decision to purchase.
Promote seasonal offers Restaurant signage allows you to automate menu displays depending on the season/time of day, creating a bespoke promotional cycle that boosts audience engagement.

Digital Signage Examples for Restaurants

Restaurant signage enables businesses to bring their products to life, target conversion sweet spot locations, and promote offers according to the season and time of day. Read on to learn more.


Digital menu boards

Dynamic digital displays to capture customers’ attention at the right place and time.


Provide self-service

Manage and publish content to interactive digital menu board screens for fast and convenient food ordering on the go.


Promote seasonal offers

Automatically update menu boards with the latest offers in a matter of clicks.


Standardise your branding

Upload content seamlessly across multiple locations to create a consistent brand experience.

Success story: Frich

A-Customercase-Frich`s-Omnidesign (1)

Now we can create our most popular popular menus and share it around all our locations. One of the main reasons why we have chosen DatabeatOMNI is that many more people in the organisation can work on content and publishing.

Roar Øien

Chain Director, Frich

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DatabeatOMNI - From Anywhere to Everywhere

How to get started with DatabeatOMNI

Step 1 | Login to DatabeatOMNI

Sign up for DatabeatOMNI and get familiarized with the platform. Feel free to watch our short crash course or visit Databeat Academy.

Step 2 | Upload your content

Upload your content, for example a video, an image or content directly from PowerPoint. Feel free to test our many widgets.

Step 3 | Publish to your displays

In order to publish to a display, you need a license. Once you have a license, you can easily publish your content to the displays you wish and share your message.

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