What are the main benefits of DatabeatOMNI

Ilir Sabriu
Ilir Sabriu | 4 minutes to read

Digital signage solutions have changed for the better. Catering to the ever-growing demands of users as well as keeping features and functionality simple. So just what sets DatabeatOMNI apart from the competition? This is what we will take a closer look at in this article. Let me start off by saying that the team behind DatabeatOMNI is extremely focused on user-centric development and design. This means that we use feedback from our users to ensure that our platform is continuously aligned with our users' needs. With that said, let us look at some of the core benefits of DatabeatOMNI.

Security benefits

When you think of a digital signage solution, security may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is actually a very important aspect. In fact, it should probably be one of the main factors to weigh in when researching which digital signage solution your organization should invest in.

DatabeatOMNI offers two-factor authentication via Google and Office 365. This means that users can sign up or log in via these secure third-party solutions. Instead of having multiple usernames and passwords across several platforms that can be an administrational security nightmare, users can be administered via Microsoft or Google. DatabeatOMNI only uses the information it needs in order to authenticate the user.

If you are an IT manager, you have the possibility to remove or add users directly from the Google Workspace or Office 365 admin panel. This prevents employees that are no longer with the organization from accessing the solution.


Design customization with Screen Designer

DatabeatOMNI has a built-in designer tool called Screen Designer. With this tool, you can ensure consistency across all of your content, add live widgets, logos, or other dynamic elements. Everything published in Screen Designer will be displayed on top of your uploaded images and videos, helping you always stay on brand.

With our ready-to-use integrations, you can also show data from news outlets via RSS feed, weather from various locations, social media feeds, Power BI reports, and much more. This gives you more control over your content and makes your digital display more dynamic and informative than ever before.


Freemium model

DatabeatOMNI is free to use, and you can easily access it with your Microsoft Office 365 or Google account. When testing the solution, there is no need to enter credit card information and there is no time limitation on how long you can test the solution. In other words, you can get started without any commitment or unnecessary starting costs.

This means that you can be an expert user before you even implement the solution in your organization. Instead of spending the first two months paying for onboarding, you will be able to publish your first content the same day you buy a license.


A wide library of integrations

As previously mentioned, in Screen Designer you have several widgets that you can utilize. These widgets are built on data from third-party providers such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also provide integrations from apps within the Microsoft ecosystem such as Power BI to share dashboards and reports or content that is created with Microsoft Sway. We also provide a PowerPoint integration, where you can create and upload content directly from PowerPoint, without the need to login to DatabeatOMNI at all.


Flexibility and scalability

While the software is free to use, you do need a license when you wish to publish content to a display. Databeat OMNIplay is a license-based app that will allow you to do so. It comes in three different tiers based on your current needs, OMNIplay, OMNIplay+, and OMNIplay Pro. Should your needs change, you can easily change your licensing or purchase additional licenses.

Many users wish to do a controlled implementation of digital signage in order to learn how to best utilize the concept and how to maximize the value for the organization. With DatabeatOMNI you can start small and scale up at your own pace.

Purchasing licenses can be done directly in DatabeatOMNI. You can even order free trial licenses in DatabeatOMNI if you wish to test the solution and concept before making a purchase decision. This ensures that you do not buy something that you do not have use for.


Training and support

While many software providers offer long and expensive courses in order to get started with their solution, DatabeatOMNI users are able to get these courses for free and at a pace that is suited for them. Databeat Academy is a series of training videos that show you, step by step, how to use DatabeatOMNI and OMNIplay. We also have a knowledge base that aims to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, we offer free webinars to help you get started. We also provide users and partners free valuable information about us, the industry, our concepts, our products, and our solutions on our website. This helps you always stay up to date with the latest in digital signage.


User-friendly interface

Simplicity is efficient, and efficiency helps you keep costs down. Databeat invests a lot of time and money into making it as easy as possible for users to use our solutions. The less time it takes to learn and start using the solution, the more money you save.


One solution for all your signage needs

Finally, instead of having to use several different platforms for your various signage needs, DatabeatOMNI gathers everything in one place. You can publish content to outdoor displays, indoor displays, video walls, and even meeting room signage. With the sheer amount of tools every company uses these days, we know that gathering as much as possible in one place is important.

This is why development is one of our focus areas. We continuously look for new ways to help our users improve their digital signage. This means that new features and options are added as the market progresses and helps you stay on top of your game.



DatabeatOMNI is not only affordable, but it is also powerful and flexible and with many benefits. When investing in a digital signage solution, make sure that you choose a solution that helps you see a return on your investment as soon as possible and fits your needs. If you are on the fence, why not sign up for the software and try for yourself? As mentioned before, it is completely free and there is no need to fill out any credit card information in order to try the software.

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