Power BI Visualized on Digital Displays

Find out how you can share your Power BI dashboards using digital signage.

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Power BI with Digital Signage

Having great dashboards with high-quality data does not mean much unless those who are able to impact the metrics have the necessary insight.

However, sharing Power BI-dashboards poses security and data risks. Not to mention increased costs associated with having numerous users in the tool.

An increasing number of companies are choosing to solve this by sharing Power BI-dashboards and reports using digital signage.

This is why Databeat have created an easy out-of-the-box integration.

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DatabeatOMNI is a proven digital signage solution used by thousands of companies.

DatabeatOMNI is suitable for a variety of businesses across multiple industries, from small businesses to large corporations — and everything in between.

Whether you’re keen to enhance your team’s communications internally or boost your advertising, DatabeatOMNI addresses many common business challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to learn more about our Power BI-integration?
In the drop-down menu below you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Yes, you need a Power BI-license in order to use the Power BI-widget. You can purchase this via Microsoft or check with your IT-department if you already have access to this via your Office 365 account.

You need a Databeat OMNIplay Pro license in order to use the Power BI integration in DatabeatOMNI. 

With the DatabeatOMNI integration you can share reports and dashboards from Microsoft Power BI. This includes, but is not limited to Sales and Marketing Data, Financials, Production Data, Health & Safety records, Employee KPIs.

To enable the Power BI widget in your Screen Designer you need to link Power BI with your DatabeatOMNI account. We have written a manual on this topic in our knowledge base.

Click here to read the manual.

While OMNIplay3 supports Power BI, there are some limitations regarding internal media players. In order to display Power BI dashboards using an internal media player, you need either Samsung SSSP6, Android or Windows.

Yes, we publish helpful guides and manuals in our Databeat Academy continuously.

You can view a tutorial here.

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