What is Databeat Doorsign

Cecilie Rubach
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What is Databeat Doorsign 

Databeat Doorsign makes it easy to create digital door signs for your meeting room. The door sign will show updated information from Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, or Google G-suite. Databeat Doorsign can also be used as a personal door sign or for other resources such as a company van. Using DatabeatOMNI, the door signs can be customized to your organization with your backgrounds, pictures, or video.  

With screens connected to the Internet, the meeting room screens will always display updated calendar information for the meeting room. The data is retrieved directly from your calendar system. The layout and design of the meeting room screen are done in DatabeatOMNI. 

With a touch screen from, for example, Philips, drop-in users with a few keystrokes can also reserve free meeting rooms or resources directly on the screen. The meeting room or resource will then appear as busy both on-screen and in the calendar. 

To get started, you need a user in DatabeatOMNI and a user with global admin rights in your calendar system. The connection between DatabeatOMNI and the calendar system must then be verified and given access to the resources. 

Databeat Overview is an overview screen of your resources. You can easily set up a meeting room overview of your meeting rooms or as an activity overview for your employees. You easily choose which resources or employees you want to display from DatabeatOMNI. 

Overview retrieves the same calendar information as Doorsign.  

DatabeatOMNI has ready-made templates for use with Doorsign and Overview. Templates for your own company can be programmed in a separate developer tool in DatabeatOMNI or as a service in collaboration with Databeat. 

 All information about the setup and configuration of Doorsign, Overview, and templates can be found in our Knowledgebase as separate articles. support.databeat.net 

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