Step 5 - Screen Designer & Widgets

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 2 minutes to read


Screen Designer & Widgets in DatabeatOMNI

Widgets are useful mini-programs that can be used as an overlay on your content. Enter "Screen Designer" by clicking the icon, as shown on screen. Once inside "Screen Designer," you will be able to add widgets to your content. It's important to know that all widgets can be attached on top of your content. On the left side, you will see all available widgets. We have many such as a digital clock, RSS feed, iframe, and social widgets. All widgets are drag and drop. 

As an example, I will use the digital clock to create a countdown for a meeting starting tomorrow. Place the widgets where ever you want. You can adjust the size by pulling the corner. You can change the color on both the font and background by clicking on the icon for the pencil. So, let's choose a black background, and we can also select the font. We will leave it white this time.

We can adjust the settings for countdown and count-up by clicking the icon for settings. Select countdown and set the time for the future meeting by clicking the icon for the calendar. You can also select or deselect the trailing text. Press save when all settings are set.  

 In another example, I will show you how you can configure an RSS feed. Drag and drop the widget and place it where ever you want. You can place it around the edge of the screen or as a standard box in the middle. Paste in the functional RSS URL and then click on the icon to show a preview. You can change the duration, and you can also select if you don't want to show old news.

Press save when all settings are set. You can change the opacity by clicking the icon of pencil and reducing the opacity to fit your content better. Once you are pleased with your design, remember to click publish to save your screen design. On the bottom of the right side, you will be notified when the screen design has been saved. 

Thank you for watching this Academy video. Please see more useful videos at our Academy site.