Goodbye Digital Signage – Hello Screen Publishing

Joel Joelsen
Joel Joelsen | 2 minutes to read

Why are we saying goodbye to digital signage? 

Many of us have an idea of what digital signage is by just observing how many solutions we encounter or are exposed to on a daily basis. From digital ad posters in shopping malls, airports, banks, stores and restaurants.

Digital signage is a global term trying to actually describe what we do, and that is publishing content to screens.

Also, a term that is used in Norway is info screens, which is not the most attractive word nor does it cover what we do.

At, we have not felt that both terms “Digital Signage” or “InfoScreen” actually describes exactly what we do and we don’t want to associate us with those terms. This is because the DatabeatOMNI platform does so much more than just being a digital sign or show information on a screen.

Therefore we have come up with our own term that we believe is more descriptive and covers the spectrum of what we do better, and that is Screen Publishing. That is why we are saying “Goodbye Digital Signage and Hello Screen Publishing"

We get a lot of questions regarding the development in the market, and how our predictions for the market is for the future. A lot of companies state that there will be a careful increase just under 10% for the year.

That is possibly correct if you isolate that to the traditional markets for digital signage which is mainly the retail industry.But, for Screen Publishing we look way beyond the store windows and see further towards the horizon.

DatabeatOMNI saw the highest growth in other markets except in retail. We can show a fantastic growth rate of above 190% from 2016 to 2017 and so far in 2018, we have sold almost the same number of licenses we sold in 2017.

Government agencies such as the Police is in the process of digitalizing themselves with DatabeatOMNI for meeting rooms, floor plans as well as information displayed towards the public both inside and outside the facility.
Nordland Hospital in Bodø is also using DatabeatOMNI for showing their ever-changing floorplan inside the facility. Churches and kindergartens communicate messages through info screens towards the public and employees.

Canal Digital, SIEMENS and Schneider Electric is using DatabeatOMNI to keep their employees updated with screens to show their corporate channel which in many ways is important to supplement towards their intranet.

Many companies see that the digital communication on screens keeps increasing, showing KPI, sales results and as well keeping the employees updated with relevant information. This is a great tool to keep visitors informed of relevant information at the right place and time.

The user threshold as gone down because of the more modern and intuitive solutions. The investment costs for these types of solutions have also gone down because of screens with integrated players, this means that the expectations for future growth are even higher.

These are good examples of effective and cost reductions digitalization methods and the use of Screen Publishing is a universe without limitations.

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