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Digital Signage for Education

Greet students at the gates with dynamic digital displays.

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Welcome students/attendees Greet students at the school or university gates with dynamic digital displays.
Publish timetables Display timetables digitally and update class information effortlessly in real-time.
Share information Display important information on events, exam dates, and upcoming holidays to keep students, attendees, and staff informed.

Digital Signage Examples for Education

Digital signage for education allows institutions to greet students, share timetables and other information, motivate their pupils, and more.


Digital timetables

Display timetables in high-traffic areas to ensure every student gets to their class on time.


Cafeteria menu boards

Use digital signage to display lunchtime menus in a fun and dynamic way.


Campus maps

Place digital map signage in key areas to help students navigate the school or university campus.


Classroom signage

Create classroom signs using Databeat Doorsign to communicate which lessons are happening and when to avoid double-bookings.

Success story: Oslo Congress Center


This is a dream scenario for us at Oslo Congress Center. Now we can enter the event and meetings information into DatabeatOMNI. We can schedule when and where the meeting or event will be at the conference centre.

Clara Moberg

Conference Coordinator, Oslo Congress Center

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DatabeatOMNI - From Anywhere to Everywhere

Creating digital signage for schools is simple using DatabeatOMNI

DatabeatOMNI is easy to set up without the need for expert installation, and you can start publishing content straight away without specialist training, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

DatabeatOMNI makes displaying great content effortless, enabling you to tell your brand story and promote your product or service in a matter of clicks.
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Ready to Get Started?

To get started with digital signage, just follow these easy three steps and you will be on your way.


Step 1

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Sign up to DatabeatOMNI and start exploring the platform’s easy-to-use features today — no matter your audience size or industry.


Step 2

Upload your content

From creating your own playlists, to scheduling content according to the weather and time, the possibilities and combinations are endless.


Step 3

Publish to your first screen

Publish digital signage content to your first screen seamlessly and start communicating with your target audience in real-time.

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During the demo, we’ll show you how to best utilise DatabeatOMNI to create digital signage for education that enables you to welcome pupils, display timetables, guide students around campus, and more.

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