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Partner Portal Marketing

Download marketing materials from Databeat

Style Guide

We want to make it easy for you to use our brand in the right way!
Explore this quick guide to our basic design and design elements to see how to do it.
Our web style guide is currently in process.

Download here

Use our logo

Artwork files for print (.EPS), and web (.SVG and .PNG) can be downloaded from here. For proper usage, refer to the Logo section in our Styled Guidelines.

Download here

Download our font

For our web sites we have choosen Roboto font family. This font is easy to read and it have a serious and safe expression. It`s also a free download font from Google.

Download here

Create your own landing page

Make your own landing page for DatabeatOMNI or Databeat Doorsign by downloading a word file with text and images.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Download our Free PowerPoint Templates and start designing your marketing materials today.

Download here