Step 1 - Getting started with DatabeatOMNI

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 1 minutes to read


In this video we will show on how to get started with DatabeatOMNI

Start signing up by heading to Databeat.Net and click on “Free Trial.” You can either sign up you’re your Office 365 account or fill in the information we request to start the process. You will be asked for your name, last name, and email. 

You will receive an email from Databeat. Open the mail and click on the link to proceed with the signup. Agree to the terms and conditions to continue.  

Verify your name, last name, and company name. Insert the desired password for login and press “Continue.” 

As a demo account, you will enter DatabeatOMNI in a simplified view. See more videos on how you can change the interface, create channels, locations, players, and users. 

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