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Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 3 minutes to read


In this video, you will learn what type of products and services Databeat offers.

As we mentioned in the previous video, Databeat is a Norwegian tech company that develops a screen publishing solution called DatabeatOMNI. 

In this video, we will take a closer look at what DatabeatOMNI does but also Doorsign, which is a digital meeting room sign. 

What is DatabeatOMNI 

DatabeatOMNI is a web-based publishing solution that allows you to create and publish content onto one or more screens. 

The advantage of DatabeatOMNI it is featured in the cloud, so DatabeatOMNI runs via your internet browser and requires no local installation. It makes DatabeatOMNI very accessible, and you only need a computer and an internet connection. You are set to publish from anywhere in the world. 

Let me briefly explain how it works: When you publish content in DatabeatOMNI, it then communicates to the Microsoft Azure server, and the server sends the content to the screen and the channel that you have subscribed to.   

As part of DatabeatOMNI, we also offer Doorsign. Doorsign is used mostly outside meeting rooms to display information from your calendar and works on the following platforms Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google G-Suite.   

Doorsign does not initially require any administration because we automatically retrieve the information from the respective platforms. 

Databeat Doorsign is a bundle that consists of a license and a touch screen. In that way, you can book meetings directly on the screen if you see that it is free. 

Then let's take a closer look at screens and media players. DatabeatOMNI, as an application, of course, needs a monitor and a media player to play content. Here are various technical solutions. 

We like to distinguish between internal and external players. At Databeat, we believe in simplicity. We consider a screen with an integrated player much more accessible than a screen with an external media player. Databeat is partnering with some of the largest manufacturers in the market and has a partnership agreement with both Samsung and LG, which offer displays with internal players. Should you already have a screen and want to use DatabeatOMNI, we can provide an external player with both our Android player and a Windows application that is installed on any Windows PC. 

The advantage of internal players is many. The foremost benefits are both the acquisition cost, which is lower, but also the administration and operations since you have fewer components to manage. It makes installing, maintaining, and operating much easier than external players.   

The displays are pre-configured and need only power and network, either a wired network or WIFI. Acquisition and operating costs over three years are significantly lower with an internal player than when using an external player solution.   

Where we have internal players, with DatabeatOMNI, we also have greater control over the operations. We do this through OMNIcontrol, which is an operational module of DatabeatOMNI.  

With OMNIcontrol, we can do several things remotely, such as update firmware, check the internet connection, and see if everything is running smoothly. 

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