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Intro to DatbeatOMNI


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Media” here you can choose: Channels, Media or Widgets.


Media” are different files from your computer; pictures, graphics or videos that will be displayed on your screens.

They can be published from OMNI or directly from Microsoft PowerPoint.

Channel (my channel): Is one or several media files put together as you want it to. A channel can use one or several locations where you wish to display the same content, for example in many stores or offices.

You can make several channels for different uses.


“Location” :

Is the physical address of where the screens are displayed, it could be anywhere in the world, as long as they`re connected to the internet.

It is important to know where all the screens are located.

“Screen designer”:  Let`s you work with widgets, small additional programs like the clock, weather forcast, news or choose social media.



Media: Files, pictures, graphics or videos.

Channel: A collection of files put together as you want it to, for easier use for one location or several.

Location: The physical address where the screens are located.

Widgets: Additional programs that are displayed on the screen, such as the weather forcast and news


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