Learn more about OMNIplay

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 2 minutes to read


In this video you will learn what is OMNIPlay 

OMNIplay is the software that plays all the content that is published in DatabeatOMNI. OMNIplay is installed on either a large-format display or on an external media player. OMNIplay installed on media player will give us full access to the screen with the possibility of remote control and monitoring. OMNIplay will also report its status back to DatabeatOMNI. 

Compatible units 

OMNIplay is compatible with many different platforms. That would be Samsung's Smart Signage Platform, SSP 2-6, LG WebOS 2.0 and 4.0, Philips Large Format Displays, Philips Large Format Displays, Windows PCs, and Android units. 

So how to install it 

OMNIplay is installed via a URL, specific to the platform on the media player. How to setup is for the different platforms can be found on our knowledgebase, support.databeat.net  

OMNIcast is a light version of OMNIplay and will be installed as an app on our Windows PC or Android device, like a mobile or tablet. 

OMNIcast does not have the option of monitoring and remote control in the same way as OMNIplay. OMNIcast can be downloaded from the Windows Store or Google Play. 

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