Step 4 - How to create a new user & access management in DatabeatOMNI

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 2 minutes to read


How to create a new user & access management in DatabeatOMNI

To create a new user, you will have to be a super-user. If you are a super-user and have a standard or a pro license, you will be able to see the tab for users next to locations. In the list on the left side, you will be able to see all users who have access. 

To create a new user, click on the plus sign, fill in all the blank fields. 

The email will be the users' username. A user can have one of the following roles, a super-user, an administrator, or contact. The super-user has access to everything. 

The administrator only has access to "media" and "locations," the contact is the user that has been registered on a location witch automatically will be assigned as a contact. So, let's start fill in the fields. Press "save" when all settings are set.

Note: Should you forget your password you can edit in user and save a new password. You can also click on "forgot password" when you log in from

Limit the access of the user by creating a new tag and linking the user to this tag. Click edit users, and then we add a tag. Press save. For this to work, we will also have to tag a channel or a location – so we go to media, then we click on the general tab, and then we enter the same tag. Press save. 

When the tagged user logs in to DatabeatOMNI, he will only see the tagged channel now. Please note that the super-user is unable for these restrictions as they will have access to everything regardless.

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