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Databeat visits Sem & Johnsen: A closer look at a modern office solution

Sem & Johnsen has established itself as a formidable player in the real estate brokerage industry, specializing in highly coveted properties in Oslo and Bærum since its inception in 1977. In 2021, they made a significant move by relocating their 70 employees to the modern VIA building in Oslo. Seeking to enhance efficiency and streamline internal communication, they made the strategic decision to implement Databeat solutions throughout their office space. With the invaluable support of our trusted partner, isiScreen, Sem & Johnsen now utilizes both Databeat Signage and Databeat Doorsign, effectively optimizing their workflow and operations. 

By Edita Khachatrjan

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Experiences: Volvat's Collaboration with Databeat and isiScreen

Join us on an exciting journey to the brand-new Volvat department at Storo in Oslo. Here, you will find everything you need in terms of healthcare, with a wide range of services and specialists ready to assist you with your health needs. Volvat Nimi, which specializes in musculoskeletal health and has high expertise in the field, is also available in the same building. 

By Edita Khachatrjan

Oslo Congress Center with a tailored digital signage solution

The days at Oslo Congress Center are hectic, with a significant number of events and of course a large number of people attending. We see that the process from checking in, booking and wayfinding are much more streamlined with their new digital signage solution, tailored made for Oslo Congress Center. 

By Cecilie Rubach

Schneider Electric uses digital signage for internal-comms

As a global leader in energy management, Schneider Norway take advantage of our DatabeatOMNI screen publishing platform to distribute internal communications across multiple offices, simultaneously.

By Ilir Sabriu
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