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Custom-built designs for your

What is OMNIdesign?

OMNIdesign is Databeat’s signage design service. Thanks to our experienced digital designers, OMNIdesign helps to ensure your content makes an impact and delivers the right message to your target audience.

Whether you’re looking for templates, motion graphics, or a combination of the two, you’re guaranteed to find a solution that suits your business’ needs and budget.

Realise your signage design goals today with OMNIdesign.



OMNIdesign is simply priced and provides immediate value to your business.


Easy to use

Using our OMNIdesign service is simple — just tell us your requirements and we'll do the rest.


Flexible service

OMNIdesign is fully flexible, enabling you to find a tailored solution that suits your needs and budget.


Fully customisable

Receive customised and easily editable templates, graphics, and content for your campaigns.


Attracts customers

OMNIdesign ensures your content delivers the right message to your target audience.


Enhances brand image

OMNIdesign will ensure your content perfectly complements your existing branding.

How OMNIdesign Works

When you choose our OMNIdesign service, our team of experienced digital designers will create customised digital signage templates, motion graphics, and content for your company to use in its campaigns.

Our OMNIdesign service is simple and straightforward to use — all you have to do is select your preferred package and we’ll contact you to define your requirements and do the rest.

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How Our Customers Are Using OMNIdesign

A-Customercase-Frich`s-Omnidesign (1)

Now we can create our most popular menus and share it around all our locations. One of the main reasons why we have chosen DatabeatOMNI is that many more people in the organisation can work on content and publishing.

Roar Øien

CEO, Frich's

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What We Offer



Choose from our small, medium, and large templates packages, which will be fully customised to reflect your unique brand identity. You’re free to edit or change the message and content in the template as much as you like, as well as the colours, images, and more.


Animated digital signage displays will help to attract and engage your target audience. We offer three motion graphics packages depending on your business’ needs and budget, in which we provide animations that perfectly complement your existing branding.



We also provide you with the option to choose both templates and motion graphics together in one larger package. This package includes 15 slides with a pre-designed template, 20 icons, and one seasonal campaign, such as Christmas, Easter, or Black Friday.