Media Publishing

Publishing content in DatabeatOMNI to one or more screens is made simple. Despite the simplicity, we understand that available time and resources often can be restricted. For this reason, we have developed media publishing as a service.

Our team performs quality checks on your content prior to publication, to ensure there are no surprises and that everything looks the way it should. With our service you can be sure that the story you want to tell, is told on time and in a professional manner.

Media publishing service provides the following:

  • Publication of content at given time periods.
  • Quality check on content and resolution.
  • Quality check for minor mistakes such as logo, format and typos.
  • Quality check of the logic within the viewing period.
  • Quality check on playlists to ensure content is playing correctly.
  • Provide feedback if there are any deviations.
  • * Content needs to be sent over to Databeat one week before publishing date.
    from 220 USD Ex VAT