How DatabeatOMNI Adds Value to Your Service Offering

Ilir Sabriu
Ilir Sabriu | 3 minutes to read

Adding DatabeatOMNI to your existing portfolio represents a phenomenal opportunity to support your customers’ screen publishing needs and solve their challenges.

Every one of your customers has a unique story to tell. Screen publishing is an innovative and efficient way of sharing those stories to a wide audience, but unless your customers’ hardware (such as screens and cabling) is connected to the right software and they have content to share, they’re essentially dealing with a blank canvas. By including DatabeatOMNI screen publishing in your service offering, you can empower them to make this a reality.

DatabeatOMNI is a highly versatile public platform that empowers your customers to manage, schedule, and publish their content to display on screens in just a few clicks. With endless use-cases, DatabeatOMNI perfectly complements your existing service offering.

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Why DatabeatOMNI?

Many IT resellers are getting an increasing number of requests from businesses for screens that can display basic information or other messaging to their customers and/or employees. DatabeatOMNI offers a new way for your customers to cut through the noise and share their content.

Here are six ways you can add value to your customers as a Databeat partner or reseller:

  1. DatabeatOMNI is cost-effective for customers. Our pricing is as simple as our solution — and with one license required per screen — customers can choose between a 1, 3, or 5-year plan. Since screens usually have a 3-5 year warranty, most customers opt for the 3-5 year license.
  2. Our solution helps customers embrace the power of digital and stay ahead of the curve.
  3. DatabeatOMNI helps customers streamline their communications, allowing them to tell their story, promote their products, share news, and raise awareness.
  4. It’s easy to use, enabling customers to easily set up, schedule, and publish their content effortlessly.
  5. Born in the Cloud, DatabeatOMNI is accessible from anywhere, allowing customers to update and publish content on the go.
  6. DatabeatOMNI makes setting up digital signage simple. Simply plug in and play to start publishing content, creating channels, adding users, and much more.

From sharing relatable, contextual news in the coffee lounge, to showing marketing how many leads their campaign has generated in real-time, DatabeatOMNI is as useful for the office as it is in a commercial environment. Thanks to built-in widgets like Power BI, it’s easy to display data such as reports and dashboards directly onto digital signage screens.

How Cutters uses DatabeatOMNI to promote offers and services

Before introducing DatabeatOMNI, Cutters hairdressers had been using a DIY digital signage solution. However, this was difficult to manage and Andreas Kamøy, the founder, began searching for an alternative solution.

Since discovering DatabeatOMNI software, Cutters now uses mirror screens powered by Samsung as a unique opportunity to promote their offers and services in all 20 of their salons.

“The solution is working brilliantly. I produce the content for all the monitors in all of our salons, from my laptop. I couldn't ask for it to be any easier" — Kamøy

From deciding the order they want their content displayed in, to when they want it played and how it will look, Cutters is able to publish content to every one of their salons in Norway in just a few minutes using DatabeatOMNI’s Powerpoint Publisher plug-in.

“I am able to control everything through DatabeatOMNI. It takes care of all of the difficult, technical stuff, letting me focus on creating great, compelling content” — Kamøy

At Databeat, we’re inspired by how Cutters have embraced screen publishing and proud that they’ve chosen DatabeatOMNI to power their innovative mirror screens.


How DatabeatOMNI fits into your existing service offering

Databeat is one of the few digital signage companies that offers a partner programme, enabling you to start selling DatabeatOMNI software to your customers to meet these requirements and expand your product portfolio.

Not only does DatabeatOMNI software complement your service offering, but it directly addresses many of the communication challenges your customers are facing today. Whether they need to use screens to promote products or to display company information internally, DatabeatOMNI makes digital signage simple.

Discover how DatabeatOMNI allows you to create and publish content on screens with ease, download our Free Picture Perfect Digital Signage e-book today! 

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