15 Surprising Statistics about Digital Signage

Ilir Sabriu
Ilir Sabriu | 1 minutes to read

There's not much data regarding how and why digital signage is effective. Most companies use digital screens for the simple purpose of displaying messages to inform potential customers – but they can be used for so much more than that. Digital signage is a powerful tool for capturing customer's attention, engaging them with your brand, and, ultimately, creating an amazing customer experience. But just how effective is the technology? Let's check the stats.


Key Takeaways

All the data here indicates that digital signage not only works but excels when compared to other methods of communicating with consumers. The fact that digital signage reaches more customers than videos on the internet and social media is very interesting. It suggests that investing in digital screen messaging, for some companies, may be a more effective than investing in social media marketing.

Another interesting takeaway is that it isn't just retailers who are taking advantage. With hospitals, manufacturing companies, communication industries, and educational institutions utilising digital signage, it's plain to see that this technology has applications across a wide variety of sectors.

With our research also finding that digital signs capture 400% more views than static signs, it's obvious that digital screens are the future of truly persuasive and engaging signage. 

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