Bademiljø is Building Showrooms of the Future with DatabeatOMNI

Cecilie Rubach
Cecilie Rubach | 2 minutes to read

The Norwegian plumbing company Bademiljø is preparing for the future. That’s why it's installing digital displays, running DatabeatOMNI, in all 120 Bademiljø stores in Norway.

Transforming Showrooms with Digital Signage

Measuring in at 1,400 square meters, Bademiljøs' Alnabru showroom is the company's largest in the country. It was important to the brand that this showroom, and the others around Norway, wowed customers and inspired them to transform their homes with their beautiful products.

Mounted on the wall behind the cashier at the Alnabru showroom there are four Samsung SSP digital displays, exhibiting beautiful, HD photos of Bademiljø's different products, as well as tips and advice from professional interior designers.

The store's manager, Per Vidar, has been extremely happy with the effect these digital displays have had on customers. "I am very pleased with these new screens. They're really attention grabbing – far more so than our old static posters – and they keep our customers engaged and inspired as they're queuing to pay," he said.

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Controlling Content from Head Office

At the Bademiljø headquarters, Mailén Ophus uses DatabeatOMNI to ensure that the right content is published to the correct screens on time in all their stores. She told us why our screen publishing solution was right for Bademiljø:

“We are currently focusing a lot of attention on making our showrooms and product areas look as visually engaging as possible. Using high quality digital displays running DatabeatOMNI helps us to achieve this. The screens are really attention-grabbing and they're perfect for informing our customers about products and offers. Our digital signage has become key to our marketing strategy. Their use makes the Bademiljø brand look professional, innovative, and modern. We believe that we've really future-proofed our stores with this solution.”

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Mailén couldn't be happier with how easy DatabeatOMNI is to operate. "The software is extremely easy to use – and it never fails me. I produce all of the screens' content on my iMac before I upload it to DatabeatOMNI. Once it's uploaded, everything else is taken care of automatically. I highly recommend it!" she said.

Digital signage is advantageous for all manner of businesses – from hair salons! If you're still unsure about how DatabeatOMNI can help your business or organisation, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to explore the options.

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