Designing Content That Engages Audiences Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Your company may have invested its hard-earned money in digital displays, but what you essentially have are large blank screens. It doesn’t matter the resolution, picture quality, or brand – digital signage is practically useless without captivating content to bring it to life.
The problem is, where do you start when it comes to designing great content?
Many businesses make the mistake of treating their digital signage like their old analogue signage – displaying static, dull, digital versions of posters. This fails to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by digital signage technology when paired with advanced software. But get it right and you could be wowing your audience with engaging content such as:
  • ‘Live’ content which changes based on time, location, or even the weather
  • Dynamic, attention-grabbing animations and video
  • Internet-connected widgets displaying news, weather, or social media feeds
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