The largest amusement park in Norway uses DatabeatOmni to inform and attract customers.

The largest amusement park in Norway uses DatabeatOmni to inform and attract customers.

Tusenfryd, the largest amusement park in Norway welcomes its customers with info screens in the entrance of the park. Tusenfryd uses the screens and DatabeatOMNI as a part of their communication strategy to inform customers about with information that is related to discounts and ticket prices. Digital signage is becoming a vital element to inform customers in real time.

It is easy with DatabeatOMNI:

Parque Reunidos, who operates over 50 amusement parks around the world decided to use DatabeatOmni because it is easy to use and reliable to provide the information that is important for that certain area of the park. We asked Tusenfryd IT manager – Eirik Viddal Vartdal about their experience with DatabeatOMNI

“We had previously worked with another screen publishing vendor, but their software was difficult to use. We chose DatabeatOMNI because it is very user-friendly, fast and reliable says Eirik Viddal Vartdal

Tailored content to the moment:

When customers queue up in front of the park, Tusenfryd builds up the suspense by playing video clips from the park, information on special offers and new attractions. They get positive feedback from the customers themselves directly.

If a company wants to rent the park as a retreat for their employees, the Tusenfryd team is trained to create tailored and relevant content specifically to the arriving guests.

“We produce new content in Powerpoint and directly publish to the screen, it is difficult to imagine any other software being this user-friendly”

Uses PowerPoint:

Tusenfryd uses the powerful powerpoint plugin that DatabeatOMNI has created. They create and publish content quite easy directly via Powerpoint. Tusenfryd sees the plugin as one of the main benefits to using DatabeatOMNI.

Saves money and time:

Tusenfryd says that they save a lot of time producing and publishing content in DatabeatOMNI. Tusenfryd also has lower financial costs in moving to DatabeatOMNI. Something that Eirik Viddal Vartdal continues to add.

“Previously, we were unable to change our prices as they were printed on posters and other materials. Now we are able to dynamically update our prices in a matter of seconds and we also directly save money and time”

Planning to increase use of digital signage:

Eirik Viddal Vartdal and Tusenfryd are planning to invest more in info screens as well as other parks in the coming months.

“It is without a doubt very cost-effective. As a result of that, we plan on using more info screens in the eating areas, as a source of entertainment while customers navigate through the park and show maps to help customers get the best use of their time in our park”

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