Mission Statement - Difficult Made Simple

Mission Statement - Difficult Made Simple

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

When customers require cost-effective solutions for complex challenges, simplicity is typically the first victim. Even for successful projects, new complexity is introduced, and the problem is more moved than solved.

It is difficult to make things simple. Developing software solutions requires deep technical competence, a wide understanding of systems and infrastructure, and a good portion of creativity, as well as a deep understanding of customer challenges and overall objectives.

Too often the result is an abundance of ideas, prototypes, sketches, tests, failures, and frustration. Over time one tends to deviate from the overall objective of simplicity and ultimately fails. To succeed, a constant and dedicated focus is required, as is considerable time and willingness to invest. Simplicity is subjective. What an expert finds simple is rarely so for normal users. For Databeat, it is the end-users — not ours — that represents the true goal and our ultimate ambition.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex…
it takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction"

Albert Einstein

For Databeat, simplicity is not limited to product attributes. Simplicity must cover all areas of doing business including price-structure, transactions, delivery, support, operations, and processes. It must involve all our users, customers, partners, and associates. Simplicity must be according to their perception, not ours.

Potential partners, customers, and users should find that getting to know Databeat and our solutions is simple at all stages of the buyer’s journey: finding and learning about us and our solutions, features, and functions, prices, and requirements. Commitment-free sign up to a full-featured service allows users to fully understand our solutions before they decide. We are to guide the process, not push. Those choosing to be customers or partners are to find simplicity in using our solutions, setup, onboarding, training, operations, customer support, learning, and using new features in our continuous development cycle.

In a world with systematic pressure on cost and time, simplicity is a business strategy with a fair amount of risk. But when the probability of success is low, the consequences of success are high. We at Databeat believe in our competence and creativity. We are willing to lose time and money to first and foremost meet our customers' requirements for simple solutions to their complex problems. We have the courage to actively seek out our customers and partners perception, what we do, and what we deliver. Through dialogue and feedback from customers and partners, we find the true foundation for continuous improvement and further development.

Difficult made simple — is what we deliver and how we succeed.


Øyvind Andhøy,