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Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Share company news and updates with your entire team.

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Share company information Corporate digital signage software makes it simple to share company news and updates with your entire team.
Improve communications Digital signage can improve communication internally for greater efficiency at work.
Unify teams Share results and praise staff for great performance using digital signage.

Digital Signage Examples for Company Communications

Corporate digital signage enables businesses to share company news and updates, improve internal communications, and unify teams. Read on to learn more.


Greet visitors

Impress visitors with personalised welcome messages.


Share news

Keep employees up-to-date at all times.


Results dashboards

Visually display results including sales figures using data visualisation tools such as Power BI and DatabeatBox to motivate employees.


Conference room signage

Label meeting rooms using Databeat Doorsign to create customised displays and streamline room-booking.

Success story: Viken Skog

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We want to show pride in our teams and inspire them through our communication efforts. We use our displays to showcase employees that do a good job to celebrate their hard work. DatabeatOMNI empowers us to communicate with all of our offices and bring the whole team closer together.

Helene Ruud

Head of Marketing & Events, Viken Skog

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DatabeatOMNI - From Anywhere to Everywhere

Creating corporate digital signage is simple using DatabeatOMNI

DatabeatOMNI is easy to set up without the need for expert installation, and you can start publishing content straight away without specialist training, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

DatabeatOMNI makes displaying great content effortless, enabling you to tell your brand story and promote your product or service in a matter of clicks.
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Ready to Get Started?

To get started with digital signage, just follow these easy three steps and you will be on your way.


Step 1

Sign up free

Sign up to DatabeatOMNI and start exploring the platform’s easy-to-use features today — no matter your audience size or industry.


Step 2

Upload your content

From creating your own playlists, to scheduling content according to the weather and time, the possibilities and combinations are endless.


Step 3

Publish to your first screen

Publish digital signage content to your first screen seamlessly and start communicating with your target audience in real-time.

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During the demo, we’ll show you how to best utilise DatabeatOMNI to create in-store digital signage that increases brand awareness, attracts customers, and boosts sales.
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