DatabeatOMNI has launched a new website

Ilir Sabriu
Posted by Ilir Sabriu | 1 minutes to read

Welcome to DatabeatOMNI new website:

Databeat.Net has launched a brand new website. We have come with a fresh new concept which is easy to navigate and to reach relevant content. We have developed the website according to our mantra which is simplicity.

In the main menu you can find:

Products: There we tell about what we have developed.

Prices: What things cost.

Gallery: A collection with some of our clients and how they use DatabeatOMNI.

What´s up: Here you will find news on what we work and what we are working it.

We will continuously update the website with new functions and content. The website is divided into 2 domains; .no is the Norwegian and .net for the English version.

We have also implemented SSL certificates in order to have more layer of security to our website.