Cutters works with DatabeatOMNI in an innovative way:

When fixing and grooming your hair at Cutters, you will not only see yourself and the hairdresser in the mirror. You will also get information and cool content directly on the mirror screen.

The Norwegian-based company Cutters, have been using DatabeatOMNI screen publishing platform almost since the very beginning of the alternative hairdresser-company.

“When we started out, we decided that we wanted publishing screens in our salons. First, I made some on my own, but when I discovered DatabeatOMNI, I replaced all of them with new, professional screens with mirrors” says Cutters founder Andreas Kamøy.

Cutters are very happy about the publishing system:

“The solution is working optimally. I produce content for all monitors in all of our salons, from my computer. I could not ask for an easier way to do it”, says Kamøy

Andreas Kamøy and business partner Kristian Solheim started Cutters in 2015. The slogan was – and still is – “cut your hair, cut your costs, cut time”. In 2017, they opened their 20th salon, and at the same year took the idea internationally.

All the salons are having screens integrated into the mirrors, showing content produced and published with DatabeatOMNI.

“Ever since our start-up, we wanted screens integrated into the mirrors. When the customer looks in the mirror, he or she also sees a screen.  The screen gives us a unique opportunity to communicate with the customer – a customer often in the mood for the different type of content – but not all kind of content. That is an opportunity we will use wisely” says Kamøy.

Made custom-made screen solutions before DatabeatOMNI:

He started out by using a custom-made mirror-screens. On a train ride from Oslo Airport, he discovered professional screens. He got in touch with Samsung Norway and they sent him to DatabeatOMNI to provide a screen publishing platform.

Shortly after, Cutters rolled out screens on a total of four salons around the country.

Simple and user-friendly publishing platform:

The contents of all screens are run by Kamøy himself. The simple solution and easy to use platform was crucial in choosing DatabeatOMNI.

“With a few keystrokes, I am publishing content to all of our screens around every salon in Norway. I can easily decide what order I want to play the content or when it will be played or again how it will look. Everything takes only a few minutes. Once done, I can concentrate on other tasks. The playlist is running automatically”

We are running on five channels on DatabeatOMNI:

Kamøy has set up a total of five channels. For each channel, he has various play-blocks as we call them in DatabeatOMNI. Each of the lists he has uploaded files with different content.

The files contain larger media formats for Cutters. Posters which shows you can cut your hair for the same price, regardless man, woman or child. Another poster is telling you, that it only takes 15 minutes to cut your hair.

Moreover, Cutters shows files containing information about product sales and even a playlist with YouTube videos.

Produces content in DatabeatOMNI PowerPoint publisher:

Cutters are both producing and publishing directly from DatabeatOMNI PowerPoint publisher. The plug-in also allows him to decide for how long, when, which day and in which salon each channel should be displayed.

As an example, he wants to show the shampoo products they are selling four times per session and information about Cutters one time, during each loop.

“I am able to control everything through DatabeatOMNI. It’s easy to use and quick to publish. The biggest challenge is to make good content” says Kamøy

Testing out different content:

Andreas Kamøy is currently uncertain about what content is best suited on the screens but that is a challenge that Cutters work head-on with.

“As of now, we publish information about additional products we sell as well as short information about Cutters. We also test the use of video” says Kamøy

The hairdressers also love the screens – as long as the content is not covering too much of the mirror they are happy.

“Therefore, we are putting the content on the side of the screens. If the content covers too much of the mirror, it disturbs the hairdressers and the customers” says Kamøy.

Uses different DatabeatOMNI widgets:

Cutters are also using different widgets that are custom made by DatabeatOMNI, which enables them to show the time, weather forecast and news on the directly on the screens.

Plays automatically:

Once all the choices are made – choices made easily in the publishing platform – the content is played automatically. This means that Andreas Kamøy can focus on doing other things.

“For us, it is important to have a system that is easy to use and quick to action. The fact that I can do the job once, in order to concentrate on other things until I want to change the content, works great for me” says Kamøy

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