Tusenfryd Thrills Customers with DatabeatOMNI

Ilir Sabriu
Posted by Ilir Sabriu | 2 minutes to read

Tusenfryd, the largest amusement park in Norway, uses DatabeatOMNI to inform and attract customers.

Tusenfryd has partnered with DatabeatOMNI as a part of their new communication strategy. They use digital displays and our powerful screen publishing software to inform thrill-seekers about discounts, events, and ticket prices. Digital signage is becoming a vital element of the park's entire communications system as it allows the team to reach their visitors in real-time.

Using DatabeatOMNI Couldn't be Easier

Parque Reunidos, who operates over 50 amusement parks around the world including Tusenfryd, decided to use DatabeatOMNI because of its renowned simplicity and reliability.

We asked Tusenfryd's IT manager, Eirik Viddal Vartdal, about his experience using DatabeatOMNI:

"We had previously worked with another screen publishing vendor, but the software was too difficult to use. We chose DatabeatOMNI because it is very user-friendly, it's fast, and we can rely on it to work properly – which can't be said for all digital signage software. We produce new content in Power Point and directly publish it to our screen. It's difficult to imagine any other software being this straightforward."

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Content That Excites

When customers queue up at the entrance, Tusenfryd builds suspense and anticipation by exhibiting short video clips from the park, information on special deals, and details about exciting new attractions.

When a corporation hires out the park for special events, the team is trained to tailor new and relevant content specifically for the arriving guests. Creating engaging content for Tusenfryd's digital displays is something that the team is always trying to improve.

Flexibility Makes Things Easy

"Previously we were unable to change our prices easily because they were printed on posters and other material. Now, we are able to dynamically update our prices and other promotions in a matter of seconds which just simply isn't possible with static signage," says Eirik, who is planning to install even more digital signage around the park in the coming months.

"It is without a doubt very cost-effective. As a result, I plan on using more digital screens in the eating areas, as a source of entertainment while customers navigate through the park, and to display maps, helping our guests make the most of their time in our park."

The installation of digital signage at Tusenfryd is yet more proof that businesses are realising the true potential of screen publishing. For more information about how screen publishing can enhance your business, get in touch with us!