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How Kuben High School Harness DatabeatOMNI

Sandra Hansen
Posted by Sandra Hansen

Kuben High School in Oslo is utilising DatabeatOMNI to motivate students and keep them up-to-date with digital displays throughout the school.

Digital Displays in the School Library

Kuben High School communicates with the students on their premises through the use of info screens and the DatabeatOMNI screen publishing platform. It allows them to share information easily and promote motivational campaigns for students. Whether they're informing students about study sessions or upcoming events, Kuben makes it efficient for students to get the information they need, when they want it.




Most of the material that is published onto the digital screens is in the real time, which is beneficial for students and staff as it keeps them up-to-the-minute with the latest information. These screens inform more than 2000 students and staff about such things as study help, activities, inspirational material and time tables for collective transport.

"The administration uses info screens to inform students about different services and events," says Kuben's IT manager, Glenn Holm, "In addition to that, we also share motivational content to inspire students to work harder and to be better. We have had very positive feedback from the students and it  motivates us to do more of the same.”  

One of the main reasons Kuben High School chose DatabeatOMNI is because the platform is user and maintenance friendly and less expensive then other digital signage software. With DatabeatOMNI, Kuben High School saves time and money instead of using complex hardware and software solutions. Since DatabeatOMNI is a cloud based platform, it operates quickly and is reliable, which works well for the administration that manages the screen publishing platform.

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Digital Signage in the Common Areas

The school has set up large displays around the common areas, places frequently used by students for breaks, lunch, and recess. Being able to easily adjust the information displayed to the students, in the places they need it most, has been warmly welcomed by staff and students alike.

DatabeatOMNI runs in browser and is compatible with easy-to-use software like Microsoft PowerPoint, making content creation a breeze.

Zubair Raus, an administrator at Kubin High, told us of his experience using DatabeatOMNI. 

"DatabeatOMNI works great!" he said, "It´s easy to use and the fact that we can use PowerPoint to create screens for our students is amazing.” 

Key Benefits for Kuben High School:

  • Fast and effective communication to the students in the places where they spend their free time.
  • The administration can simply and easily produce and publish content.
  • Content can be quickly and effectively edited if needed.

We're glad that Kubin High School has been so pleased with the DatabeatOMNI platform. For more information about how DatabeatOMNI can enhance your organisation, why not get in touch by clicking below?


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