Bademiljø has chosen DatabeatOMNI as their screen publishing platform for their stores.

Bademiljø has chosen DatabeatOMNI as their screen publishing platform for their stores.

The Norwegian plumbing company Bademiljø are planning for the future. That’s why they are including publishing screens with DatabeatOMNI in all their 120 stores in Norway.

Bademiljøs´ largest store in Norway is situated at Alnabru. A total of 1,400 square meters comprised of a showrom and store-area.


Running four info screens:

On the wall behind the cashier – there are a total of four screens, showing beautiful pictures from different products, tips, and advice from industry professionals. Here is what manager Per Vidar says about DatabeatOMNI;

“I am very pleased with the displays. There is no doubt that they create attention. When customers queue to pay, they get information and inspiration. They are happy with that. I wish I had more screens in the store. With no doubt, people are paying more attention to a screen than to a printed poster. Content playing on a screen is dynamic and interesting” Says Per Vidar.


We are really happy with the DatabeatOMNI platform:

In the somewhat smaller store in Lier – Lier Rørsenter – they are also having a publishing screen behind the cashier. Marianne Stensland – who is running the store and she is delighted with the solution. Here is what she says.

“The content is delivered from the headquarters and is delicate and informative. It is a great advantage that it is managed by our marketing team. If we should have done this ourselves, it would not have been so good. We are easily caught up in our daily operations and forget to do the little extra that gives the customer added value, Stensland says.


DatabeatOMNI never fails us:

At the headquarters, where DatabeatOMNI is managed by Mailén Ophus and she ensures that proper content is published on time in all stores.

– The tool is extremely easy to use – and it never fails me. I produce and receive all content on my iMac before I upload it to DatabeatOMNI. When something is uploaded, the rest will automatically and smoothly “says Ophus.

Modern impression with stop effect:

Both she and the store managers are particularly pleased with the stopping effect of the displays and the fact is that it looks really modern and eye-catching.

Bademiljø has chosen Samsung SSP screens which makes them able to show content in HD quality. Some of the stores have the screens behind the cashier, others are placing them in the showroom. Here is what Mailén Ophus says about that,

“We are putting a lot of effort in the stores, making the showrooms and product-areas look visually good. This is one of the reasons why publishing screens running with DatabeatOMNI is very important to us. The concept creates attention and works well with informing our customers with product and sales information.

The screens are playing an important role in our stores and they have become key to our marketing strategy. The screens are helping us look professional, innovative and modern. We at Bademiljø believe that we have rigged our stores for the future with this solution” says Mailén Ophus

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